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KEDGE Business School
Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris et Toulon

Established in 2013, KEDGE is a Higher Education Provider with international ambitions, resulting from the merger of two renowned French Business Schools:

  • BEM IN BORDEAUX created in1874
  • EUROMED MANAGEMENT created in 1872

KEDGE BS was created to achieve a critical mass that would ensure its international visibility. That is why KEDGE is the largest independent French Elite School. Its activities fall within two inter-related categories: applied research and education, including:

  • 31 formal higher education courses and a thriving Executive Education programme. This includes state of the age programmes speciliased in Supply Chain, Sustainable Finance or Purchaising and Innovation.
  • Four recognised areas of research expertise and six management centres of excellence.

This dual expertise in education and research has earned it its status among the 1% of the world's business schools that are triple accredited by EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB. KEDGE is also a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. It is also recognised by the French government, with labelised programmes, and has obtained the EESPIG label. 

Building a sustainable and responsible world is our raison d'être as the KEDGE community. We support companies and their future managers in driving and anchoring the necessary changes.
The KEDGE community - teachers, staff, students and alumni - embodies the spirit of the school and all call themselves "KEDGErs". The name Kedge means light anchor. We see this anchor as a pivot in a changing world.

KEDGE is a leading French business school with four campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseilles and Toulon), three abroad (Shanghai, Suzhou and Dakar) and three partner campuses (Avignon, Bastia and Bayonne).  

KEDGE values can be summarized by the acronym GROW :

  • G –Great force for progress for all    
  • R - Responsible
  • O - Open and inclusive community
  • W - Ways forward in creating new businesses for a better society, with intercultural, innovative and hybrid capacities to navigate a complex world.

This evolution of our mission is deeply rooted in our DNA.

KEDGE in numbers

  • 14 800 students (25% of whom are international students)
  • 192 Permanent teachers (44% of whom are international teachers)
  • 70 000 alumni


Financial Times 2019 Rankings: KEDGE forges ahead to become 31st best Business School in Europe and 8th best in France.

This performance is testimony to the significant progress already identified last year when KEDGE moved 5 places higher in the rankings. It can also be seen in the school’s standing in four of the Financial Times’ five other league tables:

  • FT - Global EMBA (16th in Europe, up 2 places compared to 2018)
  • FT - Master in Management (20th in Europe, up 18 places compared to 2018)
  • FT - Global EMBA – Open (32nd in Europe, up 4 places compared to 2018)
  • FT - Executive Education – Customised (43rd in Europe)
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery
Architecture and Building
Computer Science
Culinary Arts
Economics & Statistical Sciences
Engineering and Engineering Trades
Environmental Sciences
Heritage Sciences
International Relations
Journalism and Information
Manufacturing and Processing
Mathematics & Statistics
Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Technology
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry
Molecular Sciences
Obstetrics, Nursery, Physiotherapy, & Medical Radiology
Performing Arts
Political Science
Religion and Theology
Social and Behavioral Science
Soil Science
Travel and Tourism
Urban Planning & Land Management
Visual Arts
Visual Design (Graphic Design)

Programmes Offered

Symbols & Programme Name PROGRAMME Degree Level Duration Tuition


MSc in International Business Masters 18 to 30 months depending on your education level 25 000€ for 2 years / 16 500€ for 1 year (last year of the prgramme


MSc in Supply Chain Masters 1 or 2 years 19 900€ for 1 year 28 400€ for 2 years

Student Life

At KEDGE we have 50 different student associations that on an average organize over 700 events every year. Become a member of those which interest you and the entire year you can become part of exciting events that will keep you entertained. You can also take advantage of the gymnasium and sports facilities available to you at our campuses.

More information available here:




Practical information

If I have a science or technical background can I still apply to programmes in KEDGE Business School?

Absolutely! We look at your academic performance and your motivation and passion for the programme you are applying for. Your science or technical background combined with a business degree from KEDGE will arm you with dual competencies, giving you competitive advantage in the job market.

Does KEDGE have an age limit to apply?

No. There are no age limits to apply for KEDGE. If you are applying for a Masters degree you need to have a bachelors degree and if you apply for the bachelors degree, having a high-school degree is an absolute must.

What are the application deadlines?

Normally, KEDGE courses start in the first week of September. You can apply to these courses up to one year in advance and up till June 30th. As the saying goes, ‘The early bird gets the worm’ if you apply well in advance , before February you can take advantage of the Early Bird Waiver which can give you a 15% reduction on your tuition fees.

Does KEDGE offer scholarships?

KEDGE offers four different scholarships. They are based on the timing of your application, your educational/financial background, or your academic performance during your academic year at KEDGE.

Can I pay the course fees in instalments?

Yes it is possible to pay the course fees in instalments. But after you have been admitted in the programme and before you start classes you have to pay 50% of the course fees to obtain the visa papers. The remaining 50% can be paid in installments only if you have a French Bank account.

How do I apply for a French long-stay visa?

Passport holders of the Member States of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra, Monaco and Switzerland do not need to apply for a visa. For everyone else they need to apply for a visa. The visa procedures differ from country to country.
Please visit your nearest :

I do not know anything about Marseille or Bordeaux? Will KEDGE provide me pickup assistance from the airport?

KEDGE Student associations namely “Interact” in Marseille and “Melting Potes” in Bordeaux will help you in your transport from the airport to KEDGE. The moment your tickets are booked please send an email to Interact at and Melting Potes at or send a message to these student associations at their respective Facebook page and we will make the necessary arrangements to pick you up. In Marseille you would have to take the Airport Shuttle from the Airport to the Saint Charles train station. The frequency of this bus is every 15 mins from the airport. The Interact members will be there ready to welcome you.

Does KEDGE offer on-campus accommodation?

KEDGE offers rooms in student residences near campus, namely Alotra and Estudines Luminy in Marseille and DomoFrance in Bordeaux. But please apply for these student residences at least 4 months in advance to guarantee a room for yourself. Availability of rooms is limited and get booked quickly. Rooms in these student residences range from € 360 to € 570 (per person).
You can apply for CAF, a scheme offered by the French government which refunds up to 30% of the rent in order to help students pay for their accommodation in France.
If you do not get a room in these residences you can get in touch with the KEDGE Housing department in Marseille at and they will help you in acquiring accommodation off-campus.

Do you need to know French in France and KEDGE? Does KEDGE provide classes in French?

It is not compulsory to know French, but it is extremely beneficial. To conduct your day-to-day chores it is imperative that you have an operational level of French. This will also assist your profile when you apply for an internship/job in France. To help you improve your French you can enroll in the French classes taught in KEDGE.

How can I open a French bank account?

You have two options :

  • The first option is that during the KEDGE orientation week French Banks will set up kiosks in school so you can choose one of them and open a bank account.
  • Or you could go personally to the bank and request them to open a student bank account for you. In both cases you will have to provide your identification document like a passport, your rental agreement for your accommodation in France and your KEDGE International student ID card.

What kind of weather can I expect while studying in KEDGE?

Marseille is blessed with 300 days of sunshine. If you are a full-time student, you will reach Marseille in September and you will be welcomed with warm sunshine. As the year and your first semester comes to an end the weather becomes cooler interspersed with some rain. In January, winter is in full swing and your second semester begins. It starts to get warmer in the last week of February and summer begins to set in by mid-March continuing till September.
European Best destination 2015, Bordeaux's climate is usually classified as an oceanic climate, substantial summer rainfall prevents its climate from being classified as Mediterranean. Summers are warm and long because of the influence from the Bay of Biscay. The average seasonal winter temperature is 6.53 °Celsius (43.75 °Fahrenheit), but recent winters have been warmer than this.

Is it possible to work part-time while studying?

Yes, it is possible. By law you are allowed to work 20 hours per week. If you have an operational level of French you can work in restaurants, movie theatres, malls, supermarkets, etc. But we recommend that you come here, attend a few weeks of classes and decide if you can cope up with studies and a part-time job. The reason we are saying this is because KEDGE programs are intensive and will consume more than half of your day. The rest of the day is given for revision and assignment completion.

If I am staying off-campus, how do I travel to and from college?

As well as being in a national park, KEDGE is also well connected to the rest of Marseille. Depending upon where you stay, you can take a bus from arterial hubs in Marseille called Castellane and Metro Dromel. You can reach these areas comfortably from anywhere in the city by taking a tram, metro or bus. Travel to and from Talence campus : either by bus (bus stop “Ecole de Management” right in front of the School), tramway (trom stop “Doyen Brus” 800m from the school) or bike. Talence is very close to Bordeaux and it takes only 25 min by tram or bus to get to the center.

What kind of extra-curricular activities can I enjoy at KEDGE?

At KEDGE we have 50 different student associations that on an average organize over 700 events every year. Become a member of those which interest you and the entire year you can become part of exciting events that will keep you entertained. You can also take advantage of the gymnasium and sports facilities available to you at our campuses.

What are the dates for vacations in an academic year?

During an academic year at KEDGE you have two weeks of holidays for Christmas. The dates normally for these holidays are from 18th of December to 3rd January. These dates are tentative, and may change according to the calendar.

How do i know if i have been approved by kedge business school?

As soon as we receive your complete application file and it has been reviewed, a confirmation will be sent to you and your Home Institution by e-mail. In addition, an acceptance Letter will be sent to your Home Institution if you need to apply for a French Student Visa. 

What courses will i take?

The academic program you will attend at KEDGE BS depends on different criteria:

  • the Campus for which you are selected (Bordeaux/Marseille/Toulon)
  • your academic background
  • the agreement we have with your Home Institution.

Please check with your Home Institution. More information related to courses can be found on our Academic information webpages.

How do I apply for a visa to france?

The visa process varies from country to country. Please contact the nearest official body (French consulate, French Embassy or Campus France center ) in your country, to find out how to obtain a visa and how long the process takes. We highly advise you to apply for your Visa as soon as you receive your Acceptance Letter to avoid any delay.




How to settle my accommodation during my studies?

Special help is provided by the School to International Students before their arrival. We always advise students to secure an accommodation before their arrival due to the high demand.
For more information on housing possibilities, please visit the Practical Information page and download the International Student Handbook.

Do I need health insurance?

All students below the age of 28 years old as of October 1st of the current academic year and studying in France for more than 3 months are required to register with the French Social Security System. Exceptions may apply (Students holding a European Health Insurance card, students from Quebec holding a SE-401-Q-106 form). For more information, please download the International Student Handbook on the Practical Information page.

will I have to take any additional insurance?

Yes, a Personal Liability Insurance is also compulsory. Depending on where you plan to live, you might have to take out a housing insurance for your apartment in France.

Will I be welcomed on my arrival?

In Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulon the International Students Association Melting Potes, Inter’Act and Welcome offer a free pick-up service from the airport and/or train station to all of the International Students on specific dates. 

Is there an orientation program?

Yes, international students will be welcomed by the International Office Staff at the beginning of each semester, during which they will be given all of the important and useful information and documents related to their studies at KEDGE BS.

Can I participate in the association life of the school?

Incoming students are more than welcome to participate in any of the School associations. 

How much should I budget for textbooks?

Students at KEDGE BS are not required to use any textbooks and can use the books of the library.

Should I bring a laptop?

Yes, a laptop is very important because you are expected to do most of the work online and use internet for articles and access to virtual campus. You must check KEDGE BS e-mail address on a daily basis as important information will be sent to you this way all year long.

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