Ariane Gabrielle Co Lim

MA Economics of Development Major in Econometrics for Development Policy
International Institute for Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Netherlands

"Wonderful ideas come out of fresh, creative minds. The youth are young and full of ideas. The youth are enthusiastic. The youth are proficient with new technology. The youth know how to connect. All these are elements to successful innovation. And I believe that studying in the EU provides the opportunity to create and excel.

When I went to Poland to do my Erasmus, I knew nothing about the country. My experience opened opportunities and taught me knowledge I would not have gained had I stayed in my comfort zone. Studying abroad taught me lessons ranging from the theoretical to the practical. Travelling and making friends with fellow international students enriched my experience of living away from home.

I remember in one of my classes, we talked about multiculturalism and how we envision the world in 2050. As youth, not only do we witness the rapidly changing world, but we are also actors in it. 

The EU’s programs on international study, like the Erasmus, provides that space to nurture our passions, and direct our energy and enthusiasm to turn our ideas into actionable steps that would benefit even the generations to come. Indeed, we are #yEUth for the Future."

Gen Renella Fernando Leaño

Master in International Relations
University of Warsaw (Uniwersytet Warszawski)

"The youth has always been one of the most important groups in shaping and advancing society's progress and well-being, preserving as well as challenging and introducing new culture and norms, producing innovations, and  in sustaining the gains of past and current development. However, the youth would not be able to contribute all these if they are not involved and engaged in the processes and platforms of community development and nation building.  In engaging the youth, they have to be provided with the necessary support, right tools and opportunities.  Opportunities such as scholarships and prospects to study in excellent institutions similar to what is offered by European scholarship grants are potential platforms where the youth can enrich their skills, cultivate their drive for innovation and excellence, and commitment to an inclusive and just future and expand their network in finding innovative solutions and pathways to development problems and issues."

Jeanette Kindipan-Dulawan

Master of Arts in Development Studies: Specialization in Conflict Studies and Women and Gender Studies
Human Rights, Gender, and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspectives
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Netherlands

"What could have been just a 2-year graduate school program at the Politecnico di Milano turned out to be the start of the best 8-years of my life. My introverted self is still in disbelief everytime I would recall how I was able to survive living and studying in a foreign land away from my comfort zone. The education and research system, the multi-cultural environment, the food, the Italian language, everything was foreign to me at the start. But thanks to the many friends and colleagues whom I have met along the way that made the learning process worthwhile. Studying at the Politecnico di Milano allowed me to discover and know more about myself and my capabilities. "

Ar. Noel C. Cruz

MS Urban Planning and Policy Design (2006-2008)

Politecnico di Milano University



Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana (Urban Simulation Laboratory)

Politecnico di Milano



"Studying and living in Europe will enrich you in a myriad of ways that will spark growth, critical thinking, and self-discovery. If you did not get accepted on the first attempt, keep on trying. Rejections are normal but, in the process, you’d learn more about yourself: it will be a fertile ground to become more aware of the areas which you can improve on and which strengths to maximize. Be inspired by the opportunities waiting for you and use that as your fuel to keep going, to keep trying, because once you’re there, I guarantee that you’re in for one of the biggest adventures of your life."

Ruby Amor C. Barraca

European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM)

Erasmus Mundus International Joint Master Degree in Tourism Management 2016 –2018

Syddansk Universitet [University of Southern Denmark]


"I grew up reading fairy tales of Andersen and Grimm brothers, of castles, princesses, princes, and happy-ever-afters. Studying and living in Europe will give you a chance to discover your own character while wearing your lab gown, presenting your research, missing your train, drinking wine, spending hours in museums, unpacking suitcase, switching language, falling in love, drinking wine again or perhaps beer, and telling yourself, "tranquila, you got this!"

Kate Ramil

European Master's in Women's and Gender Studies (GEMMA)


Raisa Marie Bacasnot

VLIR - UOS | Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management

Vrije Universiteit Brussel


"With advanced technologies, quality education and full support from supervisors, mentors and experts in my field, my experience in EU - from Austria, France and now, Germany, has truly helped me grow and excel in the field where I'm understanding the Earth through remote sensing and earth observation, and machine learning. This kind of support has propelled me not only to excel in research but also, to empower the young and aspiring scientists back in the Philippines, particularly girls and women. Such work makes me realize I am not only for excellence and innovation but also, for nation building!"

Stephanie B. Tumampos

(Erasmus Mundus) EMJMD Copernicus Master in Digital Earth

University of Salzburg



University of South Brittany



Doctoral Student, Chair of Remote Sensing Technology

Technical University of Munich 


"Your European study experience will definitely be a life-changing experience to you professionally, academically, and above all personally. Take advantage of every opportunity – build connections of professionals of your field, learn the language, try their cuisine, be exposed and adapt to the lifestyle and culture, travel to different cities, gain international friends, and proudly share the Filipino culture and identity to the world! Above all, I think we should always be reminded of the very core reason as to why we are here: that our studies are rooted on the idea of understanding the world better in our chosen fields and being of service to the people."

Jeff Roxas

Máster en Educación Bilingüe y Multicultural (Master in Bilingual and Multicultural
Education), sobresaliente
Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH)


"When you see yourself ready ,let your passion and motivation take you to this transformative journey here in the Netherlands or in Europe. Remember, it will not always be easy and smooth, you have to acknowledge your limitations, weakness and shortcomings but  learn from these as you move forward. Let the EU educational experience be part of your narrative. By then, it will be your turn to inspire and encourage other students to find their own path and story to create."

Robby Carlo A. Tan

The Netherlands

"To those of you who want to study in Europe, this I can say: European Universities offer some of the best programs in both, masters and PhDs. And we should not forget that Europe is very rich in Culture and History, which will make your stay in Europe very enriching and wonderful."

Shiella C. Balbutin, PhD 

Joint European/International PhD on Social Representations and Communication 
La Sapienza Università di Roma


"There are two things, which I believe every aspiring Filipino should remember if they want to study in the EU: 1) Contribute to a progressive and positive discourse in your field and 2) Connect your knowledge and theories to the realities on the ground. 

Your motivation to study abroad should not be focused on earning a degree to get ahead in your profession. You have to want it, which stems from a strong motivation to learn, grow, and make a difference to society. It should go beyond a random want to explore the world. Rather, it should be for the pursuit of knowledge directed towards challenging the kind of discourse that are relevant and necessary to your field of study. As scholars aspiring to study overseas, it is also crucial to remember to bridge theoretical study to answer practical issues confronted by the different stakeholders in the sector you are involved in. Doing so will create opportunities for extension work that actually creates an impact for communities and societies who will highly benefit from the work you intend to do."

Tieza Santos

Doctoral Candidate
Ph.D. Student – Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Geosciences

Dresden Leibniz Graduate School and Technische Universität Dresden


MSc Environmental Sciences and Policy
*Masters Excellence scholarship, Graduated with Merit

Central European University

“At 29, I took on an executive role in the Philippines. They say experience is the best teacher; but to also invest years and resources to join an MBA Program is a life-long investment as I aspire to be a more dynamic leader. Vienna’s quality of education is one of the world’s best, with both sustainability & innovation having an integral part of the programs. The diversity of industry professionals within my cohort and professors flying in from across the globe for lectures make learning truly value-adding so far. The flexibility of the MBA program allows me to work in Vienna, and even engage in various volunteer activities through my church community such as feeding refugees from Ukraine regularly in the city during my free time. You too can invest in yourself; explore opportunities in the EU today!” 

Dei Cimatu

Executive MBA Candidate
Modul University Vienna

For those who want to pursue their education in Europe: “Learning is a continuous process and the best thing to learn is to have your journey in a diverse culture, tradition, and the international community. Where we learn, share, progress, and of course, enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Europe. Always remember that everything is possible with God’s grace and guidance.”

Russ-Uzi Mayenne A. Ebora, MSc.
Agricultural Biotechnology
Szent Istvan University (presently, MATE)
Stipendium Hungaricum Scholar

"I'd like to share this message especially for aspiring students who have limited opportunities. For me, the main challenge that we must overcome is the disbelief or the lack of trust that comes from within us. If we are the ones telling ourselves 'I can’t do it,' we will end up believing ourselves. Being born without the privilege but continuously opening ourselves to possible opportunities can help us to change our mindset about being trapped in our current situations. The Erasmus Mundus program and so many other EU country-based scholarships provide opportunities to students like you. Challenge yourself and learn about these opportunities because there are several programs out there; and, I'm sure there's one just waiting for you to take that first step."

Kent Tangcalagan

Comparative Local Development 

Corvinus University of Budapest



University of Regensburg



University of Trento