"The most amazing experience I had was having friends from different countries, having good professors. They are very friendly and supportive to us foreign students. Learning is possible even in your encounters, even outside the four walls of the classroom."

Architect Noel Cruz
Politecnico di Milano, Italy


"Studying at the University of Padova has been an amazing experience for me. The beauty of the city captivates me. You see the beautiful architecture, arts around the city, parks and nature. Going around the city is easy and safe. You will even have more fun biking around. There is just so much to see and appreciate. There are a lot of opportunites and events for cultural diversity, social immersion, environment involvement, voluntary work, religious activities and community service to make your university life engaging and memorable."

Don Niko Godilano
University of Padova, Italy

"I discovered the program through the EHEF event. I was told about Erasmus+ and I was surprised at how generous and enriching this program can be for a double degree master in three countries." 

Lyka Caparas
Erasmus Mundus International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation
Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain)
Université de Bordeaux (France)
Universidade do Porto (Portugal)


"I found the program very useful, because it focused on both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching foreign language - in this case Italian. We were able to focus on language teaching from an interdisciplinary perspective, grammatical reflections on teaching Italian as a foreign language, materials development, materials analysis, classroom management, evaluation, and assessment among others. I also appreciated that the program uses blended learning, which means I could study and teach at the same time, especially at the latter part of the course."

Naidyl Isis Bautista
Foreigners University of Siena, Italy


“Learning is even better with the advanced facilities and vast resources (in the EU).”


Kent Tangcalagan
University of Budapest, Hungary
University of Regensberg, Germany
University of Trento, Italy

"I had my realization that what Italy can offer me is bigger, and the life I can build in this country is not temporary. Everything I do now will pay for the future that awaits me."

Vhea Apego
Università degli studi dell’Insubria, Italy


“(An EU education) has geared me with the appropriate skill set that was very beneficial both in my academic and professional career.” 

AR. Vinson P. Serrano
Technical University Dortmund, Germany 

"I chose Paris because French pastries are my favorite and Le Cordon Bleu was situated in that city.  More importantly, French kitchens are known to be rigorous, unyielding, and the finest in executing perfection. To live, breathe, and eat in Paris is part of training in itself.  And it is in this immersion that one’s senses are opened to endless possibilities."

Rebecca Disini
Le Cordon Bleu, France


"I have gained more interest in science by meeting well-known professors from around the world."

Bernice Lorraine Roy
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

"I learned that there are many benefits to having a fashion education in the EU. I had first-hand access to showrooms, ateliers, boutiques, trade shows, exhibitions, and the highly coveted Milan Fashion Week. Various internships from fashion houses were also offered to us, students. Best of all I learned from world-class teachers and like-minded peers that have made a profound impact in my life. This is what sets the EU system apart."

Maureen Disini
Istituto di Moda Burgo, Italy


"I went to Amsterdam to study about creative leadership. It's a different approach there. I love it there because the approach is holistic. It's not just about facts, facts, facts, but you also involve [the] nature. There is a mind and body connection. That's why i loved studying there.

Georcelle Dapat-Sy
THNK School of Creative Leadership, Netherlands

"Studying in the EU has been a remarkably stimulating experience for me. It has broadened my career horizons by providing access to cutting-edge research and introducing me to brilliant experts in my field. This experience has also fostered my personal growth by getting acquainted with the diverse cultures in the various countries of the EU where I have lived."  

Mario Severo
PhD in Psychology, Ghent University, Belgium
MSc in Cognitive Sciences, University of Trento, Italy 

"The year 2020 would be remembered by most as the year the pandemic struck and this definitely changed my experience as an exchange student. Despite the situation, my study abroad experience gave me an opportunity to explore and immerse myself in a whole new level."

Isaiah Rey Filio
University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain


“At the University of Hull, it is very organised from day 1 of orientation, getting IDs to classes, assessment of exams to getting the diploma. It is so easy to communicate because if you ask someone about something they can tell you what you have to know or refer you to the right department and people.”

Kate Alyzon Ramil
Universidad de Spain, Spain

"Through the Erasmus Mundus Master MITRA program, I had the unique opportunity to study in three different universities around Europe (Université de Lille (France), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and University College Cork (Ireland). Given the choice to return to one of these institutions for my last semester, I had no doubt that KU Leuven was the right choice for me. KU Leuven offers education that enlightens the minds of many, providing the best and most innovative educational tools and facilities that allow critical quantitative and qualitative research for its students. In my opinion, the cosy and safe city of Leuven is a place of knowledge that felt like home for what has been two remarkable years of my life."

Arnie Gen Morada
Erasmus Mundus Master MITRA Program 
Université de Lille, France
University College Cork, Ireland
KU Leuven, Belgium



“I believe there’s a need to reinvestigate our traditional assessment method. Through my present Marie Curie programme, I realized the importance of the right content, format, and assessment framework to cope with the rapid evolution of the present digitized world."

Ryo Toyoda
Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
Newcastle University for European Training Network for Chemical Engineering Immersive Learning (ETN-CHARMING) Project

Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Membrane Engineering
Université de Montpellier, France
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic
University of Twente, Netherlands

“The best thing about studying in the EU is the immediate access you have to travel and culture! As a student you get wonderful discounts for museums, exhibits, trade fares & travel deals so you can easily explore the rich history and culture the EU has to offer. Your education goes beyond university walls!

Stephanie Zubiri 
University of Paris IV - Sorbonne, France

"I recently finished my Masters Degree in Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDes) under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. My one year stay in Sweden taught me a lot about sustainability in my field and how Swedish culture can make us better individuals who care about the environment."

Roxanne Mae Targa
Lund University, Sweden

"The EU experience has certainly shaped my perspective of the world, my outlook in life, my idea of a global citizen, and my professional purpose. Apart from the academics, the interactions and relationships I made with people have taught me valuable life lessons that I still live and practice to this day. "

Kenny Bayudan
Master's degree in Mathematics for Teaching 
Universidade de Evora in Portugal


“Studying (in Europe) was eye-opening especially the practical courses and site visits which let you engage with high tech instruments and machineries not currently available in the Philippines.”

Katy Macaso 
KU Leuven, Belgium
Hochschule Anhait, Germany
Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal

“The chance to study in the prestigious Masaryk University in the Czech Republic through an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is my most memorable lifetime experience. I realized that it was not hard to adapt in a foreign country like the Czech Republic. Students are very friendly and open minded. The professors are approachable and very willing to help. They have high academic qualifications with substantial experiences in the industry. The university is also equipped with outstanding state of the art facilities, making the whole learning experience conducive for students. Last but not least, the cost of living is very affordable compared to other European countries. All these encouraging practices in the Czech university facilitated an excellent academic atmosphere to write a decent master’s thesis. My research conferred the Dean’s Prize for Best Thesis during my graduation ceremonies in 2016."

Mark Ratilla
Masaryk University, Czech Republic

“I was able to find the right school that offers the kind of programme I was looking for.”

Anna Katerina Fulgencio
Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

"Deciding to study in TUL is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, so far. The Mechanical Engineering Faculty is one of the best in the country. The level of study is competent. In here, I was able to manage a balance between studying and soc ial life. All the professors and staff are very helpful nd are willing to assisst in times of need.  Finding new freinds is not that difficult for me as the international community is growing. I have made friends from different countries around the world."

Anjelynn Mae Guanlao
Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

“The exceptional teaching methods and the diversity of students helped me grow not only academically but also as a person.”

Viggo Gunio
Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"(Studying in the EU) was convenient to (because we) have lectures outside the classroom and around historical sites."

Ella Laxa Pangilinan
Florence Design Academy, Italy

"Living in Paris has always been a dream of mine. I fell in love with the city the first time I visited. I also knew I wanted to do further studies soon after graduating college here. When I found out that Istituto Marangoni Paris had a program in the field I was interested in, I applied almost immediately, and was lucky enough to be accepted."

Samantha Sadhwani
Istituto Marangoni, France

“Most enriching for me is learning from my classmates with diverse skills, experiences, and viewpoints.”

Daniel Layug
INSEAD, France

"Much like the port city of Antwerp and the whole of Belgium, our Masters in Epidemiology program at the University of Antwerp embraces diversity and high level international collaboration. As a student in Belgium, I was fortunate enough to learn from leading health researchers in the region, attend lectures by global experts in social epidemiology, work with international seafarers for my thesis, and get an internship at a research institution in Paris! 

Life outside the University is made more exciting by my classmates and friends from different countries giving me a richer appreciation for various cultures and cuisines. Together, we ate fries and waffles and explored the vibrant art scene in Belgium, and other places in Europe. Learning and living at the heart of Europe was a truly enriching experience."

Arianne Zamora
Master of Epidemiology
University of Antwerp, Belgium


"My goal is to be able to share the knowledge of cultural and artistic understanding with my fellow Mindanaons. This goal was further realized after my European Education. Europe has opened my eyes to the importance of cultural and artistic understanding and appreciation."

Claude Ramos
Choreomundus Consortium Program
Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU)
Clermont Auvergne University in France
University of Szeged in Hungary


"A Marie Curie Fellowship gave me a platform to collaborate with the best minds in the world with many becoming my treasured friends."

Dr. Jenny Lind-Elmaco
Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN) grantee

"I had one of my sweetest memories of my life in Belgium, not just because of the mouthwatering Belgian waffles and chocolates, but because of international friends and the Filipino community I met there. Studying at the Vrije Universiteit Brusselallowed me to meet good friends from various parts of the globe. As part of the Oceans and Lakes programme, I learned field and laboratory techniques in aquatic sciences while having fun traveling to various places in Europe (i.e., Belgian Part of the North Sea, Scheldt Estuary, Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, NIOZ in the Netherlands, Concarneau in France)."

Riel Carlo Ingeniero
Master in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (known as: Oceans and Lakes)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium


"Studying in Spain has been the best experience of my life. To be immersed in a very rich and beautiful culture such as theirs can be a very moving and inspiring experience." 

Jose Gabriel Ocampo
University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

“[Studying in the EU] has made me who I am today: a strong, independent, confident, and highly educated woman who above all things believes in the power of learning in changing people’s lives and in education as the cornerstone of our country’s future.”

Daniela Laurel
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

"Living and studying in the Eternal City is not just gelato, pizza and pasta, it's like a roller coaster ride full of emotion, surprise and inspiration."

Kevin Narciso Del Rosario
IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Rome - Italy

"The overall experience has expanded my perception of the world because it gave me access to a community of friends from different nationalities who have become my second family away from home. I began to understand their different ways of life and culture. The program is very focused and rigorous given the high caliber of professors who are experts in the field. One will surely expect some challenge but through teamwork with coursemates, studying has been fun as well."

Raian Razal
Tomas Bata University, Czech Republic

"Studying in Sweden was one of those experiences that helped further stir my curiosity and communicate with confidence especially to those experts within my field of study."

Zyra Mae Oliman
Lund University, Sweden

"Classroom teaching gave a balance of practical skills and conceptual knowledge. Besides these, I also
gained perspective on other societies. What problems did they face, what solutions did they implement,
and why did they choose these? These were all competently discussed during our classes. Outside the
classroom, I also got a taste of European life - public transport that can take you comfortably anywhere
in the city, accessible healthcare, spaces to enjoy greenery, art, music, history. My experience made me
both appreciate what we have here in the Philippines, and dream for other things too."

Rafael Deo F. Estanislao
Ecole des hautes études en santé publique (EHESP), France

“Compassionate doctors are what the nation needs.”

Dr. Michael Caampued 
Uniwersytet Jagielonski, Poland
Ecole des Hautes etude en Sante Publique, France 

"Coming to Prague to continue my Ph.D. studies at the University of Chemistry and Technology is one of the best decisions I have made. Having the opportunity to live and study in other countries before, I can honestly say that living in Prague is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. The Czech Republic is an incredible country to live in with a lot of opportunities for everyone. Prague is a fairy-tale like city that is also affordable to live in. There’s so much to see and do and I never get tired of walking around the city, stumbling into something new. Prague is also very diverse and multicultural, with friendly people everywhere. The rest of the country also has so much to explore; and the country is set at the center of Europe so traveling around the continent is as easy as it can gets."

Carlo Antonio Ng
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic