2 October 2020

2:10 pm

Étudier en France!
Make France your study abroad destination

France is a country that welcomes students from around the world. More than its location at the crossroads of Europe and its unique art de vivre, discover why France is an ideal destination for Filipino students and researchers. The presentation will cover the French higher education system, programmes taught in English, costs and scholarships, and application tips from Campus France.

Caria Sison
Education & Communications Officer - Campus France Manila Office

Website Link:
Password: France


2:50 pm

Study in  Sweden

Freedom, equality and sustainability. The Swedish way is about creating a radically better world. Together with all the amazing international students that call Sweden home.

Athena Cartagena
Communications Officer, The Embassy of Sweden in Manila

Website Link:
Password: Sweden


3:10 pm
Czech Republic

Studies Go On in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic and its universities offer long-standing reputations, unique conception and interesting specializations. Situated at the heart of Europe, the country albeit small, provides its over 45,000 international students top-notch education and research, affordable living costs, and a chance to be enriched with Central-European cultural heritage and lifestyle. Despite the pandemic, studying really does go on in the Czech Republic!


Amiel Jeremy Diaz
Political and Cultural Affairs Officer 

Czech Embassy Manila

Website Link:
Password: CzechRepublic


3:50 pm

From history to the future!

Italy, the country where the first university was founded, is becoming a more and more attractive destination for foreign students. Italian universities as a whole rank 3rd in Europe, with 36 universities in the first 1000. The excellence in research and education together with increased number of courses offered in English language opened the doors to foreign students and projected the Italian University System to the future.

Alessandro Milani - General Manager, Philippine-Italian Association

Questions will be answered also by:
Mr. Eugeniu Rotaru - First Secretary, Embassy of Italy in the Philippines
Ar. Noel Cruz - Professor at UST and alumnus of the Polytechnic University of Milan

Website Link:
Password: Italy


4:10 pm
The Netherlands

Sustainable Holland: Your Study Hub

The Netherlands is regarded as one of the countries most focused on living with nature in the world. Strong in agriculture, the life sciences, and engineering and applied sciences, the country serves as a center of learning for sustainable agriculture and industry. Beyond this, the country is internationally-oriented with many programs taught in English, as well as good linkages with international businesses headquartered in the country.

Kevin Punzalan
Senior Policy Officer Economic & Public Affairs, Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands

Website Link:
Password: Netherlands

5:10 pm

Study in Germany - Land of Ideas

Information on living and studying in Germany, the university system and (visa) requirements, costs & scholarships, and job opportunities.

Ms. Katja Becker-Sliwa
DAAD Representative Philippines

Website Link:
Password: Germany

5:30 pm

Study in Spain
Ms Sandra Lozano, Education Attache, Embassy of Spain
Mr Luis Morales, First Secretary, Embassy of Spain
Ms. Patricia Onieva, Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE)

Website Link:
Password: Spain

3 October 2020

2:10 pm

Study in Hungary – The place to be!

Short presentation on the Hungarian education system, the advantages of studying in Hungary and the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship.

David Ambrus 
Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Hungary

Website Link:
Password: Hungary

2:50 pm

Study in Belgium: A Long Tradition of Excellence in Higher Education

Why should you study in Belgium? Because it's FUN! Studying in Belgium means studying at the heart of Europe and experiencing first-class higher education, the fruit of a long tradition of excellence. Belgium is also the ideal place and an exciting destination for international students for its open, multilingual and multicultural environment.

Presenter - Divina Trisha Parungao
Public Diplomacy Officer, Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Manila

Website Link:
Password: Belgium

3:30 pm
Slovak Republic

Study in Slovakia
Higher education system in Slovakia, Study programmes offered in foreign languages  at slovak universities, Scholarship opportunities – National scholarship programme of the Slovak Republic (grants for students, PhD students,  university teachers, researchers and artists)

Simona Mahutova, programme  coordinator (SAIA – Slovak academic information agency)
Beata Kostalova, programme  coordinator (SAIA – Slovak academic information agency)

Website Link:
Password: SlovakRepublic

3:50 pm

Highlight your Future: Study in Austria

With 72 higher education institutions and more than 2,000 degree programs Austria offers a broad and versatile spectrum of study and research options.  Approximately a quarter of the students in Austria are international students. Find out how you can be one of them while enjoying educational excellence.

Dr. Jenny Lind Elmaco
Senior Officer, Embassy of Austria

Website Link:
Password: Austria


4:10 pm

Curious and Creative

Discover Finland’s world leading higher education system, where learning is all about cooperation, creativity and critical thinking. Finland is a green, sustainable, innovative, and extremely safe country; home to Santa Claus and other Finntastic people.

Presenter: EduNation

Website Link:
Password: Finland


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