Obtaining an MA or PhD most especially in the European Union means better job and career opportunities. This year, we are once again opening the gateways of the EU through education with the 12th edition of the European Higher Education Fair, the first to be organised as a hybrid event.

Taking into account the rise of the digital economy and the ongoing digital transformation across sectors, the theme of this year’s Fair is “Youth for Excellence and Innovation”. During this two-day Fair, you shall receive, both online and on-site, the most comprehensive information and practical tips to get to study in the EU, as well as the chance to learn about mobility programmes and scholarships, partnership opportunities, and blended and distance learning from experts and academicians from the EU.

The EHEF is, indeed, the best platform to connect with top education institutions from the EU. Extend your network. Join us and be a cut above the rest! 

EHEF 2022: “Youth for Excellence and Innovation”


We are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus Programme in this 2022.

35 years of mobility under the Erasmus programme – now Erasmus+ – have provided Europe with thousands of bridges of trust to study, train or volunteer abroad. Today, Europeans can freely cross borders to learn more from each other's views and perspectives, exchange experiences and ideas, share values, and start joint projects. Wider horizons, a broader common understanding and a larger toolset define the Erasmus+ generation.

To learn more about the Erasmus+ programme, join the European Higher Education Fair.


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