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Being one of the younger universities in Sweden, Halmstad University is defined by forward-thinking and an innovative perspective on education as well as on research. Halmstad University actively participates in the development of society through collaboration with both industry and the public sector.

We conduct education and research within two profile areas, Health Innovation and Smart Cities and Communities, with a basis in three doctoral education areas: Information Technology, Innovation Sciences, and Health and Lifestyle.

Master programmes within Engineering and Technology, Informatics, Business and Economics, Natural and Environmental Science, Healthcare and Social Science are offered for international students.

If you choose to study with us, you will receive a modern education, characterised by creativity, gender equality, non-hierarchy and new teaching methods. Sweden is ranked one of the most innovative countries in the world and at Halmstad University we place extra emphasis on creating an innovative environment where you are allowed to grow.

We have lecturers who dare to think outside the box, alternative study environments and high-tech labs that help you gain new perspectives – regardless of what you choose to study. No one knows what the future will hold, but we can help you prepare you for participating in and further advancing this development.

Great challenges demand new ways of thinking.

Together, we create the future – study at an innovative University, where different perspectives meet.


Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Computer Science Master's Programme in Information Technology Masters 2 years Approx Euro 30,000
Computer Science Master's Programme in Embedded and Intelligent Systems Masters 2 years Approx Euro 30,000
Economics Master's Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth Masters 2 years Approx Euro 25,000
Management Master's Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation Masters 2 years Approx Euro 30,000
Manufacturing & Processing Master's Programme in Digital Service Innovation Masters 2 year Approx Euro 30,000
Engineering & Engineering Trades Master's Programme in Energy Smart Innovation in the Built Environment Masters 2 years Approx euro 30,000
Environmental Sciences Master's Programme in Applied Environmental Science Masters 1 year Approx Euro 14,000
Engineering & Engineering Trades Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering Masters 1 Approx Euro 14,000
Engineering & Engineering Trades Master's Programme in Electronics Design Masters 1 year Approx Euro 14,000
Computer Science Master's Programme in Network Forensics Masters 1 year Approx Euro 14,000
Sociology Master's Programme in Nordic Welfare Masters 1 year Approx Euro 10,000


Spetsvinkelgatan 29 SE-302 50 HALMSTAD