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UCAM (Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia) is a private university founded in 1996 with a clear mission: to train students with knowledge and skills to serve society and to contribute to the further expansion of human knowledge through research as an integral part of the development of man and mankind.

Strategically located in Murcia, Spain, with a Campus of more than 15,000 students and around 1,000 professors, we are expanding worldwide to make one of our main objectives a reality: to promote a high-quality university education, with a representative presence in all continents. UCAM has a friendly and international environment in a wonderful Mediterranean framework. 

The international vocation of UCAM leads us to collaborate with universities from all corners of the planet, at every educational level: research, students and professors exchange and create international undergraduate and master´s programs in all specialties.

At UCAM, you will experience the dynamism and enthusiasm of the university community, top teaching technical equipment, the lovely surroundings of Jerónimos Monastery, or the sports culture with 21 elite teams competing at the top level. Also, you have a selection of English-taught programs and Spanish-taught programs to choose from.


Student Life

Person to Person, Face to Face

UCAM students can count on personalized attention that fits their needs. The staff at the UCAM value the personal relationship in the context of learning, which is why each student is given a personal tutor and classes with a small number of classmates. The variety of the academic programs on offer, constantly adapting to the real needs of society and recognized by the European Higher Education Area, reflects this core guideline: each student is a reason for UCAM to continue its work of striving for perfection.

Learning in Action

UCAM empowers students to develop their own real-world skills. The campus’s top class infrastructure, labs, and studios together with the practical subjects on offer will get students ready to put the knowledge they acquire into action. Every student has to complete an internship in public or private institutions where they will have a taste of their future field of expertise. UCAM provides more than 90 research groups which work in close collaboration with enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Danone, Vodafone or Siemens.

The Elite in Sports

Welcome to the University of Sports in Spain. Following the Anglo-Saxon model, sport is part of UCAM’s DNA, having just been hailed as the Champion of Spanish Inter-University Championships for the 2nd consecutive year, with 76 medals (50 gold). UCAM can boast of its top athletes including Olympic medalists Mireia Belmonte and David Cal and World Champions such as Melanie Costa. The 21 federated teams sponsored and managed by UCAM include UCAM Murcia CB, a professional basketball team competing in the ACB Liga Endesa. The sporting facilities are led by the UCAM Sports Center, a high-tech gym accessible to both the university and local communities.

Murcia's Lifestyle, Your Lifestyle

UCAM’s Campus de Los Jeronimos is located in Murcia, the capital city of the Southeastern region of Spain, where Mediterranean weather joins the natural beauty of the beaches of Costa Cálida with the mountains and fields of the Huerta de Europa. The heritage of Spanish culture, known for flamenco, tapas, and fiesta, is reflected in Murcia’s people: welcoming, warm, enthusiastic and sociable. As a mid region (1.5 million inhabitants), Murcia is full of artistic and social dynamics while offering affordable living costs, a safe environment, and modern infrastructure. 

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Management Master's in Business Administration Masters 1 year € 9,200
Education Master's in Bilingual Education Masters 1 year € 5,150
Law Master's in European Union Studies and Human Rights Masters 1 year €6,100
Travel & Tourism Master's in Innovation and Tourism Management Masters 1 year € 6,300
Travel & Tourism Master's in Innovation and Tourism Marketing (ONLINE) Masters 1 year € 4,000
Hospitality Master's in Hospitality Management Masters 1 year € 7,000
Hospitality Master's in Hospitality Management (ONLINE) Masters 1 year € 4,600
Management MMSE + MBA Master in Management of Sport Entities Masters 1 year € 11,400
Marketing Master's in Sports Marketing Masters 1 year € 6,900
Obstetrics, Nursery, Physiotherapy, & Medical Radiology Master's in High Performance Sports: Strength & Conditioning Masters 1 year € 8,200
International Relations Master's in International Relations (ONLINE) Masters 1 year € 5,300
Management Bachelor's in Business Administration Bachelors 4 years € 7,100
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Bachelor's in Dentistry Bachelors 5 years € 14,400
Psychology Bachelor's in Psychology Bachelors 4 years € 7,100
Obstetrics, Nursery, Physiotherapy, & Medical Radiology Bachelor's in Sports Science Bachelors 4 years € 7,100


Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia Campus de los Jerónimos, Guadalupe 30107 (Murcia) - España