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May be you are wondering..:

“Why study in Spain? “

It is not difficult to find the answer to that question. In fact, there are so many reasons to come to Spain that it is not surprising that nearly 200.000 international students join our education system every year, making our country the third most popular one for international studies. Check the list that may help you decide to be one of them:


This Fair is a unique opportunity to show off about our wonderful education system. Spain is home to 83 universities, with 50 of those universities being state funded and 33 privately funded. Spanish Universities and colleges are well-known for their quality and innovation. you can always expect to receive a top-notch learning opportunity from highly qualified instructors who really care about their students learning and excelling in all areas of their lives.

2.-Culture and History

Wherever you look at, there is something to learn. You will be amazed at Spanish rich History, culture, and traditions.

3.-Art galore

.If you are an artsy person, you will be mesmerized by the architecture, museums, sculptures, and art galleries around.

4.-Wonderful food

Who hasn’t heard about this? And yet, prepare to surprise your taste buds with the amazing flavours of the Spanish dishes and wines.

5.-Lots of sunshine

Ok, there is also winter in Spain. But the sky will be blue and clear for many, many days.

6.-Outdoors activities

In incredible landscapes: from climbing to diving, from horse-riding to jet-skiing. You name it, you get it!

7.-Friendly people

This is an opportunity to create life-long friendships and global connections.


Spain is a diverse country with a variety of accents, landscapes, food, and music.

9.-Learning Spanish!

One of the most spoken languages in the world, and it will surely open up different career possibilities in the job market.

10.-English-taught programs and courses

There are also degree programs that are bilingual, meaning taught in both languages, Spanish and English.

11.-Affordable prices

Spain has its share of affordable cities to live in and, generally, a reasonable cost of living, especially compared to other European capitals. Although it is true that you should look outside of Madrid and Barcelona if you want the most affordable living options in Spain, it is also fair to say that even in those cities there are many budget-friendly opportunities for students, either in forms of accommodation or recreation.

Do you need more reasons to come and discover the wonders of studying in Spain?

Spain is a vibrant country, filled with a variety of cultures, experiences and things to do.

Come and live Spain!

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