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Our University is  the largest private institution of higher education in Northern Poland. We offer studies at the main campus in Bydgoszcz, as well as in our campuses in Toruń, Inowrocław, Malbork, Elk, Słupsk, Piła, Chojnice, Działdowo and Zgorzelec. Well-equipped classrooms are only one of the opportunities the University of Economy offers. Besides educational programs and opportunities, we also are active in regional development activities for the benefits of local societies. We encourage our  academic staff and students to have an active role in the surrounding world.

The WSG Univeristy offers students different fields to study. At our Bydgoszcz Main Campus are the Academic Cultural Area and the Museum of Photography. These institutions provide the opportunities to develop skills and begin an the artistic  life. Through our Rewital Fitness and Nutrition Centre we actively promote  healthy lifestyles. First rate professional medical treatment is provided by the Academic Medical Centre.

Here, at the WSG University you can create your own future!

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Hospitality Nursing Bachelors 6 sem. 3350 Euro
Economics International Business Bachelors 6 sem. 2300 Euro
Hospitality International Tourism & Hospitality Management Bachelors 6 sem. 2100 Euro
Computer Science Computer Engineering and Mechatronics Bachelors 7 sem. 2800 Euro
Economics International Business Masters 4 sem. 2500 Euro
Hospitality International business and tourism management Masters 4 sem. 2300 Euro


Garbary 2, POLAND 85-229 Bydgoszcz