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Warsaw University of Business is a private university with a long history in the educational market. Since its founding in 2001, the WWSB University has attracted a steady number of students by providing a diverse and well-thought-out program of study in a variety of fields.

At the WWSB, education has a practical nature and most of the activities take the form of classes and workshops. Management Studies prepare the students to manage their own companies, lead teams of employees, and occupy managerial roles in domestic and international companies. Logistics students learn about the practical functioning aspects of logistics in enterprises, laying foundations for the development of their future careers in transport and forwarding companies.


Student Life

Poland is an incredible country with a diverse and rich educational history. Studying in Poland will provide you with a high-quality European degree that is recognized worldwide at a reasonable cost! You will not only benefit from the excellent level of teaching, but you will also have the opportunity to pursue your future profession in the EU.

The university has a student government. Students are involved in scientific circles, attend numerous events, and go on integration excursions. They produce their own TV show, "Time for Culture," which airs on national television, and they participate in a variety of events, including the Wokulski Festival. Students developed the "PRUSOPIS. The WWSH after hours..." university blog. The students are young individuals who are open-minded and creative. They not only learn together, but they also plan activities, travel, and have fun together. We were in Prague, Strasbourg, Brussels, Nuremberg, and Paris.

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Management Hotel&Tourism Management / IT Management Bachelors 3 years €2400, €2900
International Relations Logistics Bachelors 3 years €2400, €2900
Political Science National Security Bachelors 3 years €2400, €2900
Journalism & Information Journalism Bachelors 3 years €2400, €2900
Communications Photography Bachelors 3 years €2400, €2900
Marketing Advertising and PR strategy Bachelors 3 years €2400, €2900
Management HR Management Masters 2 years €2400, €2900
Political Science National Security Masters 2 years €2400, €2900
Economics Business Administration (MBA) Masters 2 years €2400, €3800
Social & Behavioral Science Psychology Masters 5 years €2400, €2900


Juliana Smulikowskiego 6/8 Street 00-389 Warsaw