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The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn is the biggest public university in north-eastern Poland. UWM is the only university in Poland with the structure similar to American universities. In our offer you can find courses of various fields like: medicine, veterinary medicine, philology, information technology or civil engineering.

UWM has a rich scientific base - laboratories and workrooms, technology halls (i.a. dairy) and other elements of research infrastructure, i.e. the base of the radio telescope LOFAR PL-612 in Bałdy.

Our scientists successfully apply for international grants. The best example of this is: DairyFunInn

UWM conducts the dual study programmes in the cooperation with the companies operating in our region (e.g. Michelin), which is also of great value in the labour market. In our offer you can also find programmes that are realised together with international universities (e.g.the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, Germany)

There is no more beautiful campus in Poland than Kortowo, were you can merge education (developed scientific infrastructure: modern laboratories, workrooms) and recreation (beautiful surrounding favouring physical activity - lakes and forests).

Student Life

UWM has undergone an intense transformation since its beginnings. Achieving such a progress would not be possible without funds of the European Union. Educational and scientific bases of the University have been significantly reinforced, for example by purchasing high-tech laboratory equipment.

Over the years, UWM offer was extended to new branches of study, and consequently, new faculties were established. Currently, there are 15 faculties, School of Public Health and Ełk Branch at UWM with available 74 courses. In 2019 at UWM was opened Doctoral School where all those who want to pursue scientific career can continue their education.

From 2019 at the UWM students can take part in the project “Development Project at UWM in Olsztyn”. As a part of this project students can realize trainings, certified courses, traineeships, specialist trainings in English, study visits and thus use multilevel means to extend their personal and professional progress.

Apart from very research and educational activities at UWM there are plenty of possibilities to find and develop personal interests such as: singing in a choir, taking part in sport clubs, clubs of interests and others.

Our university takes part in Erasmus+ Programme and has signed approximately 400 bilateral agreements with universities from all over the Europe to provide greater opportunities of mobility among students and teaching staff. UWM is a very popular destination place for students who want to undertake their Erasmus+ Programme exchange.

UWM is situated in a picturesque part of the city – Kortowo, the unquestionable pride of the University. Learning, leisure and recreation – all these needs are satisfied at one place – the campus. Kortowo occupies an area of 230 hectares and is surrounded by forest and 4 lakes, the biggest one – Kortowskie Lake creates great conditions for leisure activities. Here students have everything they need for life: teaching buildings, laboratories, sports fields and recreation areas, dormitories, shops, services, student clubs, parks, greenery and space. During warmer months Kortowo campus is bustling with life and teeming with young people enjoy this beautifully green area. KORTOWIADA is an annual student festival at UWM and largest event in Olsztyn. It has taken place every May since 1959 on the Kortowo campus. Four days full of events are attended by approximately 120 thousand people – students, citizens of Olsztyn and many guests, also from abroad. This is a spontaneous, joyful, amusing and colorful party. During the whole festival there are numerous of events and concerts including the „MEGA CONCERT” with performances of the greatest Polish and world music stars.

UWM campus has been awarded by monthly National Geographic Traveler in the national contest „Polish 7 wonders of nature”. „National Geographic Traveler” decided to award with distinction an academic society for incredible skill in local society integration around the most beautiful academic campus in Poland.

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Medicine Masters 6 years PLN 46.000/year
Environmental Sciences Environmental Engineering - Biotechnology Masters 3 semesters Free of charge
Environmental Sciences Environmental Engineering - Process Engineering, Environmental Protection Masters 3 semesters Free of charge
Urban Planning & Land Management Geodesy and Cartography - Geodesy and Geoinformatics Masters 3 semesters PLN 4.800/ semester


Oczapowskiego St. 2, 10-719 Olsztyn