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Project "Study in Wroclaw" is a non-profit initiative of city authorities and universities of the city. We are provide free of charge information about opportunities and procedures of entering universities in Wrocław. Our project offers you to study in the public and private universities in the city. We have 15 years of experience and over 3000 recruited students.

Our partner Universities:

  • University of Wroclaw,
  • Wroclaw University of Science and Technology,
  • Wroclaw University of Economics and Business,
  • Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science,
  • WSB University in Wroclaw,
  • University Business in Wroclaw,
  • University of Lower Silesia,
  • Coventry University Wroclaw

We support students and assist them with any issues regarding studying, living and residing in Wrocław during the initial stage of training.

Also we're offering a possibility of free study, free support for candidates, program of adaptation and integration for foreign students.

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
International Business University of Wroclaw
Computer Science Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Economics & Statistical Sciences Wroclaw University of Economics and Business
Agriculture, Forestry, & Fishery Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science
Economics & Statistical Sciences WSB University in Wroclaw
Management University Business in Wroclaw
Journalism & Information University of Lower Silesia
Computer Science Coventry University Wroclaw


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