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For 100 years we have been educating medical professionals, conducting research and providing the local community with quality health services. Located in the city of Poznan and rooted in Polish tradition, the University has developed a network of international science and business partnerships throughout the century. In 1993 we were the first School in Poland to offer full-time studies in English.

Since then over 2500 international alumni of PUMS have started their professional careers on all continents. Many of them have come to serve on boards of professional and scientific associations, have been invited to serve as advisors to the WHO and IAEA organizations, and have become outstanding clinical specialists and heads of hospital departments in Europe, North America, Asia, and elsewhere.


Student Life

Poznan is a student city. Spend just a few days here and you will feel the fantastic atmosphere and experience the comfort of local life. Poznan vibrates with life and diversity. The city is very business- and student-friendly, with culture and entertainment playing a vital role in everyday life. Over 100 thousand students in 28 universities and colleges fill Poznan with incredible energy and contribute to its climate.

PUMS is proud of its active and well-organized international student community. With 12 international student organizations, 16 student research focus groups, 24 sports teams, tens of interest clubs, and many volunteering opportunities, there is plenty of activities to pursue for anyone who is looking to fill their free time with extracurricular experiences, to meet people and to have fun.

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Medicine (English) 6 years € 13 500
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Dentistry (English) 5 years € 14 500
Pharmacy Pharmacy / PharmD (English) Masters 6 years € 8 500
Obstetrics, Nursery, Physiotherapy, & Medical Radiology Physiotherapy (English) Masters 5 years € 10 000


10 Fredry St., Poznan, Poland