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Lodz University of Technology (TUL), located in the beautiful city in heart of Poland and thus in heart of Europe, has over 75 years of experience in sharing its passion for science and education and nearly 30 years of tradition in international education in order to provide comprehensive support for foreign students. As a result, we are a university, which takes care of the highest standards of teaching, and prepares specialists sought after in the labour market, including innovative sectors of new technologies.

TUL is the 4th best technical university in the country, with nearly 13 thousand students, including 900 international students from all over the world.

Lodz University of Technology offers a wide range of study programmes taught in three languages – Polish, English and French. Everyday reality of TUL academic life means having unrestricted access to highly qualified academic staff and, which is equally important, a student-centred model of education involving the application of modern learning methods such as Design Thinking, Problem and Research Based Learning, and Flipped Classroom.

One of the most important priorities and a pillar of TUL strategy is openness to internationalization. We established TUL International Cooperation Centre as melting pot of nationalities, cultures, languages.

The highest level of everyday life of the university academic community is supported by new and modern buildings, laboratories with cutting edge equipment, comfortable and ergonomic dormitories – this is what we put a great emphasis on. What we are really proud of is a great sports facility TUL “Sports Bay”, with a 50 meters’ olympic swimming pool and the highest climbing wall in Poland.

10 of many reasons why you should choose studying at TUL

  1. TUL is situated in the centre of Europe in one of Poland’s biggest cities.
  2. The city of Lodz prides itself of having a unique cultural and historical heritage, revitalized Art Nuveau and post-industrial architecture from the XIX century and it is constantly changing and developing.
  3. TUL covers 37 ha in the centre of the city with contemporary and revitalized post-industrial buildings surrounded by greenery. Villas and palaces that once belonged to industrialists right next to steel-glass structures make Lodz University of Technology stand out from other Polish universities.
  4. TUL is the third university and the first technical university in Poland with this HR Excellence in Research badge obtained from the European Commisson.
  5. TUL was acknowledged as the fourth most frequently selected university in Poland (Perspektywy University Ranking 2021).
  6. TUL was acknowledged the fifth among the best Polish technical universities (Perspektywy University Ranking 2021).
  7. International Cooperation Centre of TUL won Lumen Award (Leaders of University Management Award) founded by Polish Rector Foundation and PCG Polska.
  8. The most creative and innovative university in Poland as regards creating career opportunities.
  9. The most appreciated university by employers in the Lodz region.
  10. TUL is the 3rd higher education institution/research institute in the number of invention applications and utility model applications filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under the national and international procedures (Polish Patent Office report).

Innovative teaching methods

Each year TUL offers the European Project Semester (EPS) under which students of various engineering and business programmes work in teams on multidisciplinary projects. These projects are carefully selected to match their specialties and capabilities as well as to develop their intercultural communication and teamwork skills. The language of instruction is English.

Another innovations TUL provides are Problem Based Learning and Design Thinking. PBL and DT are student- entred pedagogical methods that allow students to gain competences in given academic fields through solving particular problems while working on projects. Compared with a traditional educational model. PBL and DT promote a more independent and creative approach to learning.

Case Teaching is another innovative teaching approach used at TUL that uses decision-forcing cases to put students in the role of people who were faced with difficult decisions at some point in the past. Instructors refrain from providing their own opinions about the decisions in question. Students are asked to devise, describe and defend solutions to the problems presented by each case.

At TUL we are also introducing Flipped Learning which is a pedagogical approach where the conventional notion of classroom-based learning is inverted, so that students are introduced to the learning material before class. Classroom time is used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-solving activities facilitated by teachers.

The main objective of the Faculty is to educate professional engineers and managers, fluent in foreign languages, able to apply their knowledge in science, engineering, technology and business.

The students have the opportunity to obtain double diplomas, one from TUL and the other from a partner university in France, Holland, Great Britain, Denmark and other European countries.

TUL is also the leader of student exchange.


Student Life

Nearly 90 Student Research Clubs operate actively at our university, bringing together enthusiasts who develop their own projects.

The most frequently awarded (and not the only ones) are:

  • LODZ SOLAR TEAM the creators of the first solar vehicle in Poland
  • IRON WARRIORS the constructors of the super efficient car
  • RAPTORS the authors of the Martian rover
  • GUST participates in Small Wind Turbine contests and conferences
  • UbiCOMP the originators of many solutions for the elderly and disabled persons, including a drug dispenser a system supporting the treatment of arachnophobia and navigation collar

You can also choose among many associations, e.g.:

  • TUL Academic Sports Association
  • Student Radio ŻAK
  • Student Tourist Club PŁAZIK and Student Beskidy Guide Association
  • TUL Motocycle Club
  • Academic Orchestra and Academic Choir od TUL
  • Juggling Club PoliŻongler
  • TUL Photographic Club

You will just need to decide what would you like to do.

Also outside the campus there is plenty to do! Łódź is a vibrant city with lots of cultural events, beautiful architecture, interesting history, great museums, tasty kitchen and music all around!

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Chemistry Advanced Biobased and Bioinspired Materials Bachelors 4 years ~ €1800
Architecture & Building Architecture Bachelors 4 years ~ €1800
Engineering & Engineering Trades Biomedical Engineering and Technologies Bachelors 3,5 years ~ €1800
International Business Business and Technology Bachelors 4 years ~ €1800
International Business Business Studies Bachelors 3 years ~ €1800
Computer Science Computer Science Bachelors 3,5 years ~ €1800
Communications Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering Bachelors 3,5 years ~ €1800
Engineering & Engineering Trades Gestion et Technologie Bachelors 4 years ~ €1800
Biology Industrial Biotechnology Bachelors 3,5 years ~ €1800
Computer Science Information Technology Bachelors 3,5 years ~ €1800
Engineering & Engineering Trades Mechanical Engineering Bachelors 4 years ~ €1800
Computer Science Modelling and Data Science Bachelors 4 years ~ €1800
Fashion Textiles and Fashion Industry Bachelors 3,5 years ~ €1500
Architecture & Building Architecture Masters 1,5 year ~ €1800
Computer Science Computer Science & Information Technology Masters 2 years (starting from winter semester) / 1.5 year (starting from summer semester) ~ €1800
Visual Arts Design Masters 1,5 year ~ €1500
Engineering & Engineering Trades Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering Masters 2 years ~ €1800
Environmental Sciences Energy Systems in the Built Environment Masters 2 years ~ €800
Computer Science Human-Computer Interaction Masters 2 years ~ €1800
Biology Industrial Biotechnology Masters 1,5 year ~ €1800
Economics Master of Business Studies Masters 2 years ~ €1800
Engineering & Engineering Trades Master of Mechanical Engineering Masters 2 years ~ €1800
Management Master of Operations Management Masters 2 years ~ €1800
Chemistry Nanotechnology Masters 1,5 year ~ €1300
Fashion Textile Engineering Masters 1,5 year ~ €1500


TUL at glance


36 Zwirki Str / 90-924 Lodz