See you on 1 and 2 October at the EHEF Philippines


Because we offer:

  • interesting studies adapted to the needs of a rapidly changing, very difficult labor market.
  • an interesting program combining theoretical knowledge with the practice of socio-economic life.
  • simultaneous learning of two professions based on a proven in practice concept of combining subjects from the field of study (4 semesters) and from a given specialty (2 semesters) during studies.
  • a modern, proven since 2005 form of study based on a combination of traditional and distance learning, guaranteeing a high level of knowledge and skills obtained.
  • proper didactic care on the part of highly qualified academic staff and practitioners of economic life.
  • full-time studies with a guarantee of employment after their completion
    high, proven quality,
  • e-learning studies, which are a convenient form of study for students unable to reconcile the traditional form of study with their work or place of residence.
  • support for students in financial difficulties
  • financial support for talented and hardworking students.
  • the opportunity to gain additional knowledge during the workshops, seminars and open lectures we organize, conducted by the highest class specialists, scientists and managers
  • the possibility of continuing education at postgraduate studies with many very interesting specialties, available even directly after undergraduate studies



Ul. Hirszfelda 11, 02-775 Warszawa