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The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) is one of the oldest Polish universities. Today, being the first Catholic university in East-Central Europe, it integrates over a hundred years of tradition and state-of-the-art research.

The Catholic University of Lublin is built on Catholic values, but stays open to all, regardless of their background or religion. Students appreciate an opportunity granted them by the Catholic University of Lublin not only to obtain a diploma from one of the most renowned universities in Poland, but also to be a member of an exceptional academic community. All academic courses allow the students to acquire advanced knowledge in a strong student-tutor relationship. This is confirmed by the national rankings, which evaluate highly the quality of the scientific staff of KUL.


Student Life

The university, thanks to the high quality of its research and didactics rooted in the world of values, offers its students many opportunities for professional and personal development. KUL offers a wide range of first (BA) and second cycle (MA) courses, long-cycle studies, and a doctoral school in 11 research disciplines. The University supports students and graduates by offering dormitories, scholarships, recently upgraded sporting facilities, assistance for people with disabilities (the KUL CAN Centre for Inclusion of Students with Special Needs) and support in entering the labour market via the Innovation Laboratory and KUL Careers Service. Asked about the unique experience of studying at KUL, university students highlight the exceptional atmosphere of the academic community and the lasting friendships they make.

KUL’s cultural life is thriving. There are dozens of research, artistic and sports organizations at the university, including student research circles, theatres, choirs and discussion clubs. They provide an opportunity for students to develop their passions and talents. For decades now KUL takes pride in its Academic Choir, the Plastic Scene (Scena Plastyczna KUL), while the Student Theatre ITP is gaining more and more popularity and recognition.

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Philosophy APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY Bachelors 3 years PLN 1.900 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 412)
Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Technology BIOTECHNOLOGY Bachelors 3 years PLN 4.700 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 1018)
Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Technology BIOTECHNOLOGY Masters 2 years PLN 4.700 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 1018)
Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Technology BIOANALYTICAL TECHNOLOGIES Masters 2 years PLN 7.700 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 1668)
European Studies EUROPEAN STUDIES Bachelors 3 years PLN 3.600 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 780)
Law EUROPEAN UNION LAW Masters 2 years PLN 3.400 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 736)
Computer Science INFORMATICS Bachelors 3 years PLN 3.700 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 801)
Communications JOURNALISM AND SOCIAL COMMUNICATION Bachelors 3 years PLN 3.500 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 758)
Philosophy PHILOSOPHY Bachelors 3 years PLN 2.800 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 607)
Philosophy PHILOSOPHY Masters 2 years PLN 3.900 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 845)
Religion & Theology THEOLOGICAL STUDIES Masters 5 years PLN 3.400 PER SEMESTER (Approx. € 736)
Philosophy KUL DOCTORAL SCHOOL Doctoral 4 years Free


Poland, 20-950 Lublin, Al. Racławickie 14