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The AGH University of Science and Technology is at present one of the oldest (established in 1913), biggest, and best Polish technical universities. Contrary to its traditional name, the University has a wide portfolio of education, covering virtually all scientific issues related to technical or similar sciences. The profile and scope of education as well as research at AGH UST is constantly changing and developing, as we are aspiring to be continually up to date with demands of the present times. We are following the requirements of dynamically changing labour market, closely watching directions of changes in economy, administration and politics.

The mission of our university is up-to-date education of engineers who specialise in many branches of technology (offering nearly 70 fields of study). It is worth mentioning that many of AGH UST fields of study are unique and they have no counterparts in any other Polish universities. We want to preserve this uniqueness by combining knowledge of technology and arts, especially since we employ highly qualified and internationally recognised staff in many unique fields (environmental protection, environmental engineering, underground renovation of historical monuments and archeometallurgy, multimedia and social communication, geotourism, management in specified industries, biomaterials and biomedical engineering).

There are around 25 000 students studying at 16 faculties. There are nearly 70 fields of study. Our university also offers first-cycle and second-cycle degree programmes fully conducted in English. The AGH UST graduates are given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge at AGH Doctoral School in 16 disciplines. All of them are run in Polish and English. (Please note that at AGH Doctoral School there is only a possibility to enrol on full- time programme which takes 4 years.)

The AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow is a university of modern technologies with great prospects for the future. A varied and attractive educational offer and innovative research in the fields strategic for the national economy are our true asset.

Today, the university comprises 16 faculties. Their research activity is connected with traditional, yet constantly developing branches of industry and economy (mining, drilling, metallurgy…), and with particular fields of Earth and technical sciences (geology, geodesy, electrical engineering…). Well represented are also faculties conducting research in dynamically developing disciplines such as computer science, telecom-munications, and biomedical engineering, as well as faculties connected with the basic sciences (mathematics, physics, geophysics, and sociology).

The university is a creative place. This fact is confirmed by annual reports published by the Polish Patent Office, where we are in the lead among institutions submitting the largest number of inventions and utility models. Every year, we obtain over 100 patents and sell several dozen licences. Our activity is also noticeable on the European arena.

The AGH UST campus is the largest campus in Poland and it is located in the centre of the most beautiful Polish city – Krakow. Modern teaching and research facilities with laboratories equipped with unique apparatus, comfortable conditions, numerous improvements for people with disabilities, and the largest campus in Poland – these are only some of its many assets.

The compact complex of AGH UST buildings is located in one district of Krakow and covers the area of 40 ha. An integral part of the university campus is the AGH UST Student Campus, covering the area of 13 ha. Comfortable conditions are a great asset of the student houses – access to the Internet, special places for learning, TV rooms, and club rooms. The student campus has its own sports fields (including a modern football pitch, and volleyball and basketball courts with artificial surfaces), and tennis courts. A very modern AGH UST Swimming Pool is another great asset. Close proximity of the Krakow Błonia Park and Park Jordana allows runners, joggers, cyclists, and roller skaters to spend time actively in the picturesque and green areas of the city.

AGH UST is a special place with unique atmosphere; it is a place of ideas, successes and friendships for life.


Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Engineering & Engineering Trades Mechatronic Engineering Bachelors 3,5 years 1725 EUR
Computer Science Electronics and Telecommunications Bachelors 3,5 years 1750 EUR
Computer Science Computer Science Bachelors 3,5 years 2000 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Automatics Control and Robotics: Cyber-Physical Systems Masters 1,5 years 2100 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Energy Engineering: Energy Transition Masters 1,5 years 2200 EUR
Computer Science Computer Science and Intelligent Systems: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis Masters 1,5 years 2100 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Electrical Engineering: Smart Grids Technology Platform Masters 1,5 years 2100 EUR
Management Management: International Management Masters 2 years 1750 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Materials Engineering: Functional Materials Masters 1,5 years 2200 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Non-Ferrous Metals Science and Engineering: Modern Materials, Design, and Application Masters 1,5 years 2000 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Mechatronic Engineering: Mechatronic Design Masters 1,5 years 2100 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Chemical Technology: Chemical Technologies in Energy Sector Masters 1,5 years
Environmental Sciences Applied Geology: Economic Geology Masters 1,5 years 1750 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Mining Engineering: Mining Engineering Masters 1,5 years 1500 EUR
Computer Science Computer Aided Process Engineering: Virtualization of Foundry Engineering Masters 1,5 years 2000 EUR
Environmental Sciences Geophysics:Applied Geophysics Masters 1,5 years 1750 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Renewable Energy and Energy Management: Sustainable Energy Systems Masters 1,5 years 2200 EUR
Sociology Sociology: Technology and Society Masters 2 years 1500 EUR
Engineering & Engineering Trades Oil and Gas Engineering: Petroleum Engineering Masters 1,5 years


Department for International Students A. Mickiewicza Ave. 30, 30-059 Krakow, Poland building A-3, room No.12A