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The University of Calabria is one of the most

important and dynamic universities in Italy, where

the learning experience becomes an extraordinary

opportunity in terms of human and professional

development. It is the largest and best equipped

University Campus in Italy.

The Campus par excellence stretches over a green

area of more than 200 hectares among the hills

of the river Crati Valley, in the urban area

of Cosenza and Rende.

Above all, UniCal is the Campus of Education with

a wide and transversal educational offer.

UniCal has 14 Departments, 34 first-cycle Degree Courses (Bachelor of Science),

7 Single-cycle degree courses (Bachelor of Science + Master of Science),

39 second-cycle Degree Courses (Master of Science) 12 of which in English),

21 Double-Degree Programs in collaboration with international universities, 2

Inter-University Degree Courses, 10 Ph.D. Courses, 22 First and Second-Level

Postgraduate’s Degree Courses, 10 Higher Education Courses, 120 research

laboratories and 24,500 students.


Student Life

The University Campus is the scenario

where students’ passions and ambitions

can come true, experiencing new chapters

of their personal stories.

UniCal means top-quality education,

services and research with points of

excellence, as has been certified by

national and international bodies.

Here students can experience personal

growth together with other students,

professors, researchers and technicians

all contributing to enliven cultural and

social activities carried out on Campus

and in various places, such as canteens,

students’ residence neighborhoods,

libraries, sports facilities and theatres.

Walking along the Ponte Bucci or through the Campus residences’ lanes, it is common to hear many people speaking various languages and meet people from different cultures. This is because UniCal, thanks to the UnicalAdmission program,
is home to over 950 students from 83 countries, the highest number among Southern Italy universities. On the other hand, around 600 outgoing and incoming students participate in Erasmus+, MOST (extra-EU mobility), or DUAL (Double Degree) study abroad programs. Furthermore, two important outgoing and incoming mobility programs for teachers and researchers financed by the Calabria Region - TeMA and Vis - will be launched shortly.

We therefore look forward to welcoming new international students

to enhance the international dimension of our University through their

culture, enthusiasm and willingness to succeed.

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Computer Science Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Masters 2 years € 6000
Finance Finance and Insurance Masters 2 years € 6000
Engineering & Engineering Trades Engineerings Masters 2 years € 6000
Chemistry CHEMISTRY Masters 2 years € 6000


University of Calabria - Area Internazionalizzazione, Via Savinio, 87036 RENDE CS - ITALY