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Tor vergata University in a short...

  • The University of Rome Tor Vergata is structured in 6 Schools (Economics; Law; Engineering; Humanities and Philosophy; Medicine and Surgery; Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences) which are organised in 18 Departments.

  • For the Academic Year 2021-2022 Tor Vergata offers 107 degree courses (bachelor, master and single cycle degree) and 31 PhD courses (taught in Italian or English).

  • Tor Vergata is keen to sharpen its worldwide profile and offers 19 courses taught in English (6 double/joint degree programmes).

  • Moreover, Tor Vergata teaching encompasses 150 post lauream courses (advanced training courses, 1st and 2nd Level Vocational Master) and 50 Specialisation Schools.

  • The offered training covers more than 200 professional figures and possible career opportunities


Student Life

Campus life at Tor Vergata University Rome is extremely exciting and stimulating. Tor Vergata takes care of its students and staff by offering a wide selection of events, services, sport activities, and special offers. Also Campus X, the main student accommodation, is a reliable landmark for events and entertainment.

Scholarship programs:

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Economics Global Governance Bachelors 3 years
Economics Business Administration and Economics Bachelors 3 years
Economics Business Administration Masters 2 years
Economics Finance and Banking Masters 2 years
Economics Economics and Finance Doctoral 4 years
Economics Management Doctoral 3 years
Engineering & Engineering Trades Engineering Sciences Bachelors 3 years
Engineering & Engineering Trades ICT and Internet Engineering Masters 2 years
Engineering & Engineering Trades Chemical Nano-Engineering Masters 2 years
Engineering & Engineering Trades Computer Sciences, Control and Geoinformation Doctoral 3 years
Engineering & Engineering Trades Electronics Engineering Doctoral 3 years
Engineering & Engineering Trades Design, Manufacturing and Operations Engineering Doctoral 3 years
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Medicine and Surgery Masters 6 years
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Physical Activity and Health Promotion Masters 2 years
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Immunology, Molecular Medicine and Applied Biotechnology Doctoral 3 years
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Neuroscience Masters 3 years
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Tissue Engineering and Remodeling Biotechnologies for Body Function Doctoral 3 years
Medicine, Surgery, & Dentistry Medical-Surgical Applied Sciences Doctoral 3 years
Pharmacy Pharmacy Masters 5 years
Physics Astrophysics Masters 2 years
Biology Biotechnology Masters 2 years
Physics Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science Doctoral 3 years
Biology Cellular and Molecular Biology Doctoral 3 years
Mathematics & Statistics Mathematics Doctoral 3 years
Travel & Tourism Tourism Strategy, Cultural Heritage and Made in Italy Masters 2 years
Heritage Sciences European History Masters 2 years
Visual Arts Art History in Rome from Late Antiquity to the Present Masters 2 years
Heritage Sciences Cultural Heritage, Education and Territory Doctoral 3 years
Archaeology Classical Antiquity and Its Reception: Archaeology, Philology, History Doctoral 3 years
Philosophy Philosophy Doctoral 3 years
Law Law and Judicial Remedies: Private Law, Comparative Law, Roman Legal System Doctoral 3 years
Law Public Law Doctoral 3 years


Via Cracovia, 50 - 00133 Rome - Italy