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Make Hungary &
the University of Pannonia your study abroad destination

Since the founding of the predecessor of the University of Pannonia in 1949, the world has changed significantly, but the prestigious institution, defying challenges, has remained a determinative factor of the socio-economic life of the region, as well as an internationally recognised higher education institution.

Our university is characterised by outstanding academic excellence and high-quality usable knowledge, and we are the best in the country in terms of research and development output per teacher.

At the same time, we pay special attention to the formation and preservation of communities along our traditions in a family-like environment, and the preparation process for the Veszprém
European Capital of Culture 2023 programme offers new opportunities and experiences for all citizens of our institution.

The University of Pannonia offers internationally recognized education at five faculties and three knowledge centers in addition to its headquarters, and continues to cultivate the most modern fields of science through its doctoral schools. Veszprém, where the main campus is seated, has won the European Capital of Culture for 2023 programme. Campuses can be also found in Kőszeg, Nagykanizsa and Zalaegerszeg.

International applicants have the opportunity to study at our University with the
Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship programme.

Due to the talent management and having a background of a strong scientific research institution, the university essentially functions as a research center in several disciplines. At national level, our university possesses the 7th place on the list of the international institutional research ranking of excellence ’Ranking WEB of Universities’.

One of the defining elements of University of Pannonia is the collaborative research projects conducted in strategic partnerships with the actors of economic life. The most prime example of these, is the Institute of Petroleum and Coal Technology, established together with MOL in 2009, and the “Sustainability Based on Circular Economy Competence Center”, launched in 2020 in collaboration with MOL and Hidrofilt Kft.

R & D & I activities

The focus areas of the R & D & I activities of the University of Pannonia are the most pressing social challenges of our time - solving problems related to climate change and environmental pollution, and creating technologies that enable sustainable development. The related R & D & I activities at the university are the following:

  • ecology
  • materials science
  • air quality
  • water treatment technologies
  • bio- and nanotechnology
  • environmentally friendly motor fuels and propulsion methods
  • low-waste technologies
  • advanced structural materials and catalysts
  • green chemistry
  • research and development of process-development and data science technologies underpinning Industry 4.0 solutions.

Get to know our Faculties!
(click on the name of the faculty for the brochures)

Why Faculty of Business & Economics?

  • a wide range of courses in business, management and economics
  • small group classes in a relaxed and direct atmosphere
  • a career-building mentoring programme
  • extensive relations with companies to gain experience
  • international environment, Bachelor and Master courses in English

A short presentation about the faculty

Why Faculty of Information Technology?

  • IT training at all levels
  • practice-oriented trainings
  • competitive diploma, wide range of job opportunities
  • opportunities to participate in research at international level
  • partnerships in the industry

A short presentation about the faculty

Why Faculty of Modern Philology & Social Sciences?

  • humanities, social sciences and teacher training with high quality
  • in one place, in Hungarian and foreign languages
  • international teaching staff
  • career guidance - help with job placement or doctoral programmes for further studies
  • sponsored study trips abroad
  • national and international professors

A short presentation about the faculty

Why Faculty of Engeering?

  • internationally recognised centre of education and research
  • one of the highest quality engineering education systems in the country
  • well-equipped laboratories
  • practice-oriented training
  • Eastern Europe's first and only ICheme accredited chemical engineering training

A short presentation about the faculty

Why The Faculty of Business Administration Zalaegerszeg?

  • innovation and knowledge centre
  • modern academic library
  • international embeddedness of our teaching and research staff

Other Campuses & Study Centres

The University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa Campus


Student Life

Besides studying, there are plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind. It is not only festivals and events along the shores of Lake Balaton that are interesting, but the ones organised on campus are also worth a try. Some of these are: (Check out the faculties brochures for detailed programmes!)


1969 may remind some people of the year of the moon landing, but for the majority of the local students of Veszprém, this year is the first year when the University Days of Veszprém (VEN) were organized! The country's first series of University Days are held every two years and have become the most important hallmark of student life at the University of Pannonia, with a campaign lasting for several months. 4 teams of students competing in different fields, own concerts, high-quality shows, a parade that mobilises the whole town and the election of the Student Rector of the University of Pannonia at the end of the event.


The biggest festival of Zalaegerszeg students is the spring festival called ZEN. Cultural programmes, sports and cooking competitions, concerts are waiting for the interested visitors and students of the higher education institutions of Zalaegerszeg.


A traditional way to get to know your colleagues better, students from other year groups and your lecturers at an event where, after the formal elements, you can enjoy the fun of the Faculties Ball. (Occasionally, three different events are organized at the same week, in which case it'sa good idea to pull up one's socks - of course the more elegant one!)


Freshers' camp is one of the most influential events of your years in higher education that you can attend before you even start your studies! Our campuses are loved by students for their small-town friendly atmosphere and active student life. To get the most out of these, it's essential to develop friendships that will last for years, and for this Freshers' Camp can be a great first step! Good weather, great atmosphere, University of Pannonia...

What else do you need?

FRESHERS’ BALL - Stork's Ball, how we call it...

The stork is a migratory bird that flies to warmer climates when the cold weather arrives. At the University of Pannonia of course it is not the case, the decorated lobbies create quite a hot atmosphere every year to make the freshmen, and older students feel at home, recite the Oath of Freshmen and to get ready for partying until the morning - all dressed up for the event.

More information at:

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Travel & Tourism Bsc in Tourism and Catering Bachelors 6+2 semesters 1350 EUR/semester
Economics Bsc in International Business Economics Bachelors 6+1+1 semesters 1350 EUR/semester
Economics Bsc in Business Administration and Management Bachelors 7 semesters 1350 EUR/semester
Marketing MSc in Marketing Masters 4 semesters 1650 EUR/semester
Travel & Tourism MSc in Tourism Management Masters 4 semesters 1650 EUR/semester
Management PhD in Management Sciences and Business Administration Doctoral 8 semesters 5500 EUR/Academic Year
Chemistry BSc in Chemical Engineering Bachelors 7 semesters 3000 EUR/semester
Engineering & Engineering Trades BSc in Water Operation Engineering Bachelors 6 semesters 3000 EUR/semester
Engineering & Engineering Trades MSc in Materials Engineering Masters 4 semesters 3400 EUR/semester
Chemistry MSc in Chemistry Masters 4 semesters 1900 EUR/semester
Engineering & Engineering Trades MSc in Chemical Engineering Masters 4 semesters 3400 EUR/semester
Environmental Sciences MSc in Environmental Engineering Masters 4 semesters 3400 EUR/semester
Environmental Sciences MSc in Environmental Sciences Masters 4 semesters 1900 EUR/semester
Computer Science MSc in Computer Science Engineering Masters 4 semesters 2200 EUR/semester
Languages BA in English and American Studies Bachelors 6 semesters 1500 EUR/semester
Journalism & Information Communications and Media Studies BA Bachelors 6 semesters 1500 euro/semester
Languages MA in Applied Linguistics Masters 4 semesters 4000 EUR/ Academic year
Education Instructor of English as a Foreign Language MA Masters 2 semesters 2000  EUR/semester
Sociology MA in English Masters 4 semesters 2000 EUR / semester
Engineering & Engineering Trades Bsc in Water Operation Engineering Bachelors 6 semesters 3000/6000 EUR/ Academic Year
International Relations International Studies MA Masters 4 semesters 2000 EUR/semester
Social & Behavioral Science M.A. in English & American Studies Masters 2-4 semesters 450 USD / American credit


Why Hungary?

  • Perfect starting point for exploring Europe.
  • It is located in Central Europe with Europe's most thermal water-rich region and Central Europe's largest lake Balaton
  • The country is small but full of oppotunities for studying, business and leisure.
  • Unique culture and language with a 1000 years old history

Why the University of Pannonia?

Academic Excellence:

  • EECA University Ranking, 161st out of 300
  • High quality training with internationally recognized professors
  • Talent management & Scholarship opportunity
  • Mentor Programme
  • Wide variety of practice-oriented programmes
  • Cooperation with economic operators in the region
  • International quality teaching and research opportunities

Friendly atmosphere:

  • Inspiring historical and natural environment
  • Active student life and modern dormitories, sports facilities
  • 2023 Veszprém: European Capital of Culture
  • Most of the faculties gives assistance to their students to find accommodation in the city.

How is the academic year?

Each academic year consists of two 14-week long semesters followed by a 6-week examination period each. Fall semester starts at the beginning of September. Spring semester usually starts at the beginning of February.

Do you offer additional services?

Yes! Such as

  • One-to-one patronage for ensuring integration and socialisation.
  • Stundent Identity Card: you can access several services and discounts with SIC.
  • Sport Facilities with a wide range of sporting activites mostly for free or for a moderated price.
  • Talent management eg. Scientific Student Hostel, Balaton Tourism Research Centre
  • Dormitory Accommodation

What is the cost of living in the region?

Affordable living costs between 60.000- 80.000 HUF /month (excluding accommodation)
Living conditions are identical to the Western Standards.

Do you offer student housing?

More information at

Do you offer a scholarship?

You can apply for Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship, it has enabled more than 350 international students to study their Bachelor’s, Master’s or Phd degrees at the University of Pannonia. Our students, arriving from nearly 70 sending partners from 5 continents, are given financial and study support to assist them in completing their degrees.

More information at: &

How can I apply? Who should I contact regarding online registration?

Application process might deviate per programmes, for more information feel free to contact us via live-chat!


10. Egyetem Str., Veszprém, Veszprém County, 8200