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With the foundation MATE (Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences), one of the largest agricultural-focused, multi- disciplinary higher education institutions in Europe was established on 1 February 2021.

The backbone of the new university infrastructure is provided by our prominent campuses where our professional teaching staff and a unique green environment make the students feel welcome.

Buda, Gödöllő, Gyöngyös, Kaposvár and Keszthely Campuses offer constantly renewed degree and training programmes and make significant investments in order to strengthen their ties to international higher education.

We consider lessons learned from the most successful European universities and we combine our traditions with the solutions of modern ages. Our long-term objective is to make MATE one of the thirty best agricultural higher education universities in the world.

Student Life

There is a wide variety of courses, the seminars require active participation which makes it easier to get engaged in lectures. The best part of the university life is that it offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. Professional development opportunities are excellent, students can participate in study competitions, join research groups or volunteer as teaching assistants. The university has exchange placements with foreign universities which provides a lot of opportunities to study abroad. The Student life is very active with a lot of student clubs and organizations one can choose from. Networking is easy through social events and one can make useful connections for the future.

Overall, the University provides good quality education and an amazing student life.


2100 Godollo, Pater K. u. 1.