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The Catholic University of the West (Université Catholique de l'Ouest – UCO) is a private and prestigious university located in Angers, northwest of France.

UCO is more than 145 years old and has a current student population of 12,000. UCO’s Angers campus prides itself on its international activities and global collaboration with 81 nationalities present every year on campus.

UCO is committed to creating a stimulating and multicultural learning environment for all its students. In a world that is undergoing in-depth mutations, openness to new ideas, new cultures and new mindsets is a crucial asset. UCO enjoys an excellent reputation in high quality student support and guidance in a great work environment.


  • 12,000 students including 1,700 foreign students and teachers who come to Angers each year to study.
  • 187 full-time faculty and 1,500 professionals providing lectures as experts.
  • 12 foreign languages taught.
  • 10 multimedia language laboratories.
  • 10 research laboratories.
  • 170 partner universities around the world.
  • 3 university libraries comprising some 200,000 books.
  • 1 audiovisual centre, multimedia rooms, WIFI access.
  • 17 study areas.
  • French national degrees: undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Guaranteed a personalized follow-up, small classes with individual supervision.
  • High exam pass rate: success rates at the end of the third year of the bachelor is 93%, graduation rate for the bachelor three years of 67% (Compared to public universities 27%)
  • High rate of work placements.
  • Open to the world: with 170 partner universities around the world, UCO offers all students the opportunity to go abroad, as part of an internship or a semester of study in order to boost their careers.
  • Spiritual life: diverse activities offered by Catholic Campus Ministry.
  • Student accommodation service: wide choice of bed-sits, home-stay or family accommodation, halls of residence or flats.
  • 2 university restaurants within walking distance, food and refreshments available on campus.
  • Cultural activities and sports: drama society, international choir, film club as well as table-tennis, volleyball, basketball and more.
  • Business, Economics, Law
  • Education
  • Humanities (Literature, languages, teaching French as a foreign language, fine-arts, history, music.)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Psychology, sociology, human resources management, communication, management.)
  • Sciences (Mathematics, computer science, statistics, biology, environmental studies.)
  • Theology and religious studies.


Student Life

Student life

Student life at UCO offers you numerous events through cultural and sport activities, with international students’ offices and student associations to help ease the transition for international students. There are many benefits extended to students in France including generous discounts for food, entertainment and transportation.


The UCO accommodation service can help you find accommodation with a local family. They also have rooms available in residence halls and private residences.

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Economics Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelors 3 years €6580
Economics MBA Global and Sustainable Business Management Masters 2 years €7850
Environmental Sciences Master Ecology and Sustainable Development Masters 1 year €8300
Languages French Language Program 1 year €5914


Questions and answers about the Private Catholic Universities in France

According to The Student Magazine – France (

Catholic universities: they have the odd!

Catholic universities are selective and ... payable. Yet! They attract more and more bachelors. You hesitate to register in one of them? To learn more about these institutions, here are the answers to all the questions you ask yourself.

  1. Should we be baptized to enroll in a Catholic university?

No need to provide a baptismal certificate at time of registration! The facs catho - as their name does not indicate - receive students from all religious sensitivities. They do not provide catechism classes but almost all offer lessons - optional or mandatory - validated by ECTS, whose thematic values or the search for meaning.

2. Catholic universities they issue the same qualifications as public universities?

Catholic universities prepare the same diplomas as public universities (undergraduate and masters)

3. How is the student life in Catholic universities?

Student parties, sporting events, mutual aid ... Student Life Student Life remains regardless of the university where she lives. Should it be different in a Catholic university, it might be the ease with which students - not many - to know (and recognize themselves).

Invest in charitable

It also differs perhaps a greater incentive to participate in charitable activities. Catholic universities would not be true to their values if they were not particularly attentive to others. Many of them offer, for example, to their students to provide support to people living on the streets, in their neighborhoods.

Every day, in the city, you get all CROUS services, accommodation, options to find a small job, etc. These services are usually complemented by Catholic universities. For housing, for example, if they do not support all residences on campus.

4. What are the links of Catholic universities with recruiters?

60% of those with a master pro at finding employment later in the month following the graduation. In the longer term, the rate of insertion is 80%.

An alumni network to unify as in the public, Catholic universities also have a service that works in conjunction with recruiters, organizing various events such as job fairs.


3 Place André Leroy, 49000 Angers, France