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Welcome at IMT Nord Europe...

...the place to start your international career !

IMT Nord Europe is one of the largest Engineering School in France. Located at the north of Paris, close to Brussels and London, we train engineers who will become future international leaders of men and experts in their field.

Our institution develops high-level teaching and research in science and technology in the following domains of excellence:

  • Digital Systems
  • Energy, Environment
  • Eco-Materials, Civil Engineering and Industry

Each year, in partnership with the University of Lille, IMT Nord Europe awards degrees to over 600 talented engineers, trained to anticipate economic and social changes.

2000 students each year can efficiently study thanks to a research centre of almost 20,000m² and different sites dedicated to education and research. The campus provides all the students with the means to unlock their talents, including the FabLab, the International and Cultural Center and a business accelerator.

IMT Nord Europe is an “Institut Mines Télécom” (IMT) School, the leading group of engineering and management schools in France. With a network of nearly 14000 alumni and more than 2000 A-rated research publications that contributes to scientific and technological advanced, IMT’s academic excellence is widely recognised worldwide.

Tailor-made international Masters

IMT Nord Europe offers 3 Masters of Science programs fully taught in English:

Our Master of Science is an high-quality master’s degree to boost your employability in an international environment. At IMT Nord Europe you will benefit from the school’s research expertise and its close links with the business community. These collaborations are a token of quality in terms of technical skills as much as management and communication skills that you will improve while studying for one semester at IMT Business School in Paris. As a graduated student, you will have a large choice of work opportunities from targeting a management position or assuming an operational role, to continuing on a PhD.

Totally taught in English, you will study in an international environment in France, with classmates and professors coming from all around the world. Of course, you will be given the opportunity to learn French through FLE lessons and practice your skills when meeting the local community.

Through these courses we train engineers in key sectors for the industry in which there are a lot of job openings every year, and an indefinite number of opportunities in research and development missions as today’s challenges in terms of innovation and environmental stakes are prominent.

Other programs (taught in French)

At IMT Nord Europe there is a wide range of programs. Find here below the list and basic information:

  • Post-Graduate Engineering Degree : apply with a Bachelor's degree or Master 1 in Science or Engineering

Equivalent to a Master's degree / Mainly taught in French / a B2 level in French is required

  • Advanced Masters (MS) : apply with a Master's degree in the field of the MS

Taught in French / 12-month program

Cybersecurity Engineering- Positive Energy Building - Civil Engineering - Risk management

Contact us

For more information about our programs and engineering school, feel free to email us:

Student Life

The best place to immerse yourself in the French culture

The north of France is known for its laid-back and friendly attitude. Lille, its capital, came up as the number one city to live in France. Being one of the youngest cities, with more than 100.000 students, you will have a great lifestyle with access to culture, great spots to eat, shop and go out, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful green spaces and numerous cafés. Plus, you can jump on the Eurostar or the TGV and be in a European hub in a couple of hours.

Close on foot from our campuses we hold student residences where you will be offered modern facilities.

Douai - Student Residence

Lille is also a major service development centre and home to several centres of excellence and innovation. Awarded the FrenchTech label, Lille Metropolis is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs: 200 companies with over 200 employees, 150 medium-sized companies with great growth potential and over 9,000 business start-ups or takeovers every year.

The region has exceptional architectural heritage and places culture at the heart of its development. The city of Lille is a benchmark in this field, boasting 15 museums, including the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Piscine de Roubaix, Louvre-Lens etc.

Partying is in the locals’ genes, as demonstrated by the many entertaining and unifying events held: the famous Braderie de Lille, the Main Square Festival, the Dunkirk Carnival and the Lille 3000 festivities.

Join a student organisation !

To increase the value of your experience in France and at IMT Nord Europe, you will be able to join one of the 50+ student organisations !

Among others, you can choose to set up a fundraising program, participate to a sport competition, share your passion for role-play games or get involved in the Gala Committee !

And if you feel like launching your own business, join IMT Nord Europe Junior Entreprise !


Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Engineering & Engineering Trades MSc in Eco-Design and Advanced Composite Structures Masters 2 years €9.000 per year, €18.000 in total
Engineering & Engineering Trades MSc in Advanced Design and Management of Durable Constructions Masters 2 years €9.000 per year, €18.000 in total
Engineering & Engineering Trades MSc in Design and Management of the Industry 4.0 Masters 2 years €9.000 per year, €18.000 in total


What are the basic requirements to apply for an MSc programme at IMT Nord Europe?

We require that you hold:

  • at least a Bachelor of Science, Engineering or Technology
  • a B2 level in English

More information on the application form.

Where is the school located ?

IMT Nord Europe has several campuses in northern France: Lille (Villeneuve d'Ascq), Douai, Valenciennes, Dunkerque, Alençon. Check out our locations here.

Our MSc students will study on the campuses of Douai: Lahure and Bourseul.

You want to see more of our campuses, check this video !

Does IMT Nord Europe offer scholarships ?

The school doesn't have its own scholarship programme, however do not hesitate to contact our International Admissions Team to know more about existing programmes, or visit Campus France Japan website.

What is the cost of a Master of Science programme?

Regarding the tuition fees, they stand at €9000 (535,000 PHP) per year so €18000 (1,070,000 PHP) in total for the 2 years. It will be due in 5 instalments.

Also as a budget for your life costs, let’s say around €600 per month for your life in Douai, and in Paris a little bit more.

What about PhD and Post-Doctorate opportunities at IMT Nord Europe ?

IMT Nord Europe has accreditation to award this degree for two postgraduate schools: Engineering Sciences (ED 631-632) and Matter, Radiation and Environmental Sciences (ED104). In all, nearly 200 PhD students learn in the laboratories of IMT Nord Europe and more than 30 theses are defended at the school each year.

You are welcome to check the available offers at IMT Nord Europe here or contact us at [email protected].

Who should I contact if I want more information ?

Feel free to email us: [email protected]


941 Rue Charles Bourseul, 59500 Douai