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A unique and deeply rooted business school

The School hosts 8,900 students representing 121 nationalities in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, along with nearly 6,900 participants in executive education programs. The School counts seven campuses around the world: Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Paris, Casablanca, Shanghai, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai. It draws on a network of 190 international academic partners and leads a community of 35,700 alumni in 130 different countries.

The teaching model: early makers since 1872

emlyon's distinctive academic signature early makers molds learning into a lifelong endeavor to have an impact on the world and offers a real alternative in its environment. It sees learning as not only a transfer of academic knowledge but also a "course of learning experiences" that equips students to forge a constant link between thought and action: "doing to learn, learning to do".

Through these collective and individual learning experiences, emlyon has set out to train responsible managers capable of taking up the challenges of today and tomorrow. This general-interest calling lies at the heart of the school's identity and will be written into its articles of association in July 2021 when it transitions to the status of a benefit corporation.


Student Life

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Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Management International MBA Masters 12 months € 38.500
Management MSc in management - Grande-Ecole Masters 24 -36 months € 35.000
Fashion MSc in Luxury Management Marketing Masters 18 months € 34.000
Hospitality MSc in International Hospitality Management Masters 18 months € 27.000
Finance MSc in Finance Masters 18 months € 24.500
Management MSc in Strategy & Consulting Masters 18 months € 24.500
Marketing MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science Masters 18 months € 24.500
Marketing MSc in Sports Industry Management Masters 18 months € 24.500
Marketing MSc in Health Management & Data Intelligence Masters 18 months € 24.500
Management MSc in Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Masters 18 months € 24.500
Management MSc in Supply Chain & Purchasing Management Masters 18 months € 24.500


23 Av. Guy de Collongue, 69130 Écully, France