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With the aim of becoming the preferred school for Hospitality, Gastronomy and Luxury professionals, Ferrières is taking higher education to a whole new level, providing students with a unique educational experience.

It teaches the expertise, «savoir être» and luxury codes of the past and present. Above all, it provides the keys to future success.

Ferrières enables students to develop their behavioural skills “soft skills”, curiosity as well as their ability to use the most appropriate tools and technologies for analysing information, via positive psychology and human sciences.

Ferrières delivers a range of programmes which meet the aspirations of students and cater to the industry’s needs.


Student Life

Ferrières gives administrative and academic guidance to students and encourages student societies, helping young learners to thrive in a dynamic community, and fostering year-round evolution. The School and the Students’ Union (BDE) work together to bring a wealth of events and activities which contribute to the vibrant student life on campus.

You are sure to find the activity that speaks to your personality and interests ! You can also start a new student society to share your passion !

Available Programmes

Bookmark Course Programme Degree Level Duration Tuition
Hospitality Ferrieres Bachelor Bachelors 3 years € 9,200 per semester
Hospitality International Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelors 4 years € 9,200 per semester
Hospitality MSc Ferrieres Masters 18 months € 9,200 per semester
Culinary Arts High-End Cuisine Course Associate 6 months € 15,000
Culinary Arts Pastry Course (Basic / Advance) Associate 7 months / 5 months € 15,000 / 9,500
Culinary Arts Sommelier Course Associate 6 months + 2 months internship € 15,000


Are programs in English or French?

Ferrieres delivers programs in both languages, French and English. There are two tracks for Bachelor: one in English and one in French. MSc program is entirely taught in English. Short programs are taught in French but with a technical interpreter doing live translation.

How many majors do Ferrieres school offer?

  • 7 majors in the 3rd year Ferrieres Bachelor
  • 7 majors in the 4th year International BBA
  • 7 majors in the 2nd year MSc

Does the school assists students in their search for internships?

Yes, the school assists students in their search for work placements, offering guidance and advice on how to gain access to the different opportunities on offer, notably jobs advertised by our business partners or industry network.

Where do internships take place during the program?

Ferrieres offers possible paid internships in hotels, restaurants and with partner institutions in France and abroad.

Is it possible to obtain a scholarship?

Ferrieres wishes to open its scholarship scheme to a large number of applicants and allow them to benefit from its higher education approach and learning environment thanks to the Ferrieres Endowment Fund. It grants partial bursaries to deserving students. Obtaining a bursary is dependent on 3 criteria:

  • Application files sent the earliest are the ones that are prioritised
  • Consideration of application depends on the suitability for the course and merit
  • Social assistance criteria such as parents’ or guardians’ outcome

How is an initial interview conducted?

Once the academic requirements are met, the jury seeks to form a view of the human and social aptitude of the applicant and understand his overall personality traits

Perceive and assess the applicant’s potential through his experience, his attitude, and his ambition

Measure the applicant’s professional or personal motivation

I don’t have the French nationality, can I join your school and carry out an internship?

Yes, foreign students can join the school and undertake their internships in France, similarly to French students.

What is the minimal high school grade accepted for any entry to Bachelor year 1?

For the Bachelor’s degree and the culinary programs, professional background is not required. For MSc programs, the candidate should have previously worked in the industry or have undertaken an internship of minimum 6 months.

Do you accept a technical or vocation certificate for entry to the Bachelor programs?

It is possible to get accepted for Bachelor by being a holder of a technical or vocational certificate, provided the applicant satisfies specific selection criteria.

I have qualifications that are not related to hotel or culinary arts, can I still join the MSc program?

Yes. Developmental courses and internship opportunities are offered before the start of the MSc program. Additionally, before the academic year, Summer School classes are delivered to learners who do not have relevant studies, with the aim of initiating them to the hotel and gastronomy professions.

Is housing provided by the school?

We support students in finding a suitable place to live, in the vicinity of the campus. Due to the popularity of the housing service amongst students, accommodation is subject to availability of residences and of third parties who arrange housing services.

Do I need my high school diploma before enrolling with the short programs?

No, but it is preferable to have a professional vocational certificate or a CAP technical qualification.

What are the advantages of the double degrees on offer?

A double degree with GEM or with Skema Business School has two main interests:

  • Benefit from the facilities (notably the digital library and physical library) and networks of the partner institutions
  • Explore another subject area
  • Benefit from a broader academic framework, especially for students who wish to stir their careers towards other realms and transfer to other disciplines, in addition to those suggested by Ferrieres
  • In addition to the advantages cited above, these two partnerships allow students to benefit from the recognition of two of the best business schools in France

GEM and Skema programs both require that students attend courses on different sites, an opportunity for greater mobility.


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